Friday, September 05, 2008

2nd Grade

This week marked the beginning of 2nd grade for Nicholas. Hooray! He's now a veteran, no longer a lowly 1st grader. He started school all decked out in his new jeans, new shirt, new shoes, backpack and lunch sack. Doesn't he look proud? And is that a gang sign he's flashing? Maybe I should speak with the new principal about that elementary school gang problem...

This first week we walked or ro
de our bikes to school instead of taking the bus. The weather is just too perfect! On the first day we met his teacher (nice!) and got him all settled at his desk. He was happy to see that several friends were in his class this year. *I* was happy to see that his class size was a very manageable 21 kids. For some reason the school has only four 1st grade classes but five 2nd grade classes. The overall number of kids is roughly the same but we get a whole additional teacher/classroom for the 2nd graders, making each class much smaller than the 28+ or so from last year. I'm happy he's enjoying school, and I'm even falling into the routine of making his lunch every morning like I never stopped for summer. Strange...

Lauren's preschool doesn't start until next week so she and I have been getting some good one-on-one time while Nicholas is slaving away at school. Next week? She and I are going to the zoo to see the new baby elephant that was just born. Today we're going to Costco and the library. Good times! (totally sarcastic there. We couldn't be more boring if we tried.)

I hope everyone with kids in school is getting into the groove of things, and I hope everyone who drives remembers to SLOW DOWN in the school zones! Be safe everyone!

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