Saturday, November 08, 2008


.old.TODAY! Today is Lauren's 5th birthday! What a girl I have! She's gone from the squalling newborn on the left to the funny, smart, strong, goofy KID on the right. In just 5 short years. Amazing. We're having a Wall-E/gymnastics party with friends from preschool and soccer tomorrow, and a family dinner afterward to celebrate this big milestone, and she can't wait. Lauren, I am so proud of you and love you more than I ever thought possible! I love being your Mama and watching you grow up. The first 5 years have been so fulfilling and rewarding I can't wait to see what the next 5/10/15/20 and beyond will bring!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Trick Or Treat

Here are my little trick or treaters, ready for Halloween. Lauren was E.T. and Nicholas was Harry Potter. My mom made that E.T. costume for my sister back in the early '80's when the movie was a new release! How great is that?! And I think Nicholas looks adorable in the Harry Potter glasses. If he ever needs to wear glasses later in his life I now know he'll be able to look cool in them. I think he wishes that wand was real so he could conjure up more candy. As if they didn't get enough... sheesh!

My cute alien and wizard!

Christmas in July

It's finished! I made my niece Anna this Christmas stocking for her first birthday, which was a month ago. Don't worry, it was done by the party - I'm just late in posting about it. I started knitting it in July and it took me 2 months of working on it off and on. It wasn't too hard, just a little tedious with all the color changes, etc. I think it turned out really good! It's on the big side, which my sister noted upon opening the gift, commenting on the generosity Santa is going to have to have in order to fill the stocking in the future. Oh well. That's Santa's problem, not mine!

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