Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Overdue Update

Clearly I'm bad at juggling working part-time, being mom/wife/friend, AND blogger. Sorry about that. I'm about a month into my job and I don't love it. It's OK. Very tedious, actually, and boring. But everything else about it fits into my life so well that I'm doing my best to give it a fair shake. I've talked to my boss about giving me some different sort of tasks (ANYTHING, please!) to break it up and he acknowledged that he knows I have a whole bunch of skills he's not utilizing. Things should get better - the job is mine to sculpt and it's a slow process, but I can sort of develop it, over time, into something more engaging. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the paycheck each week. And just today I was told that they will be making me an offer for employee status (am currently a contractor being payrolled by a service during my "trial, probationary period". So that's good news. Full benefits for PT employees working 20 hrs per week. Nice!

And speaking of jobs, Mr. Chick is changing jobs, too. He was recruited by a big law firm and accepted the job. It's a good move, both professionally and financially. He'll get to practice the area of law specifically that he's wanted to, and we'll get some much-needed breathing room in our finances. Finally! But he'll have to work more hours (of course) so he built in some time-off before starting: a month! This is the first week of his "vacation" and he's really enjoying the stay-at-home dad gig. He's already had lunch with Nicholas at school, picked him up vs. having him ride the bus, and is taking Lauren all-day on Tues/Thurs instead of her going to the program at her school so I can work a few hours. The kids are loving it, and so am I. But I think Mr. Chick is loving it the most. :) We're looking into taking the big plunge and going to Disneyland during this time. Can't think of a better time to do it - the kids are finally old enough and we're not sure when Mr. Chick will get time off again. So strike while the irons hot, I say! Very exciting - the kids have never been and I've waited all these years to take them.

Soccer season is over and we survived. Lauren is a little prodigy and has some really good skills. It was fun to watch her play. Nicholas, too. And speaking of Lauren, she's about to have her 5th birthday and I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around that one. 5? Already?! She's very excited. We're having a gymnastics party for her friends and then dinner with the family afterward.

I hope everyone has a fun Halloween. One of my favorite holidays. We carved our pumpkins this afternoon and have our costumes ready. Mr. Chick and I are joining in with some neighbors for a potluck and trick-or-treating. Then the next night we get to go to an adults-only halloween party. Love that! I hope all your little goblins have fun!

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