Monday, June 30, 2008

Indigo Girls

This past weekend I had the fantastic opportunity to join several of my close girlfriends and go to see the Indigo Girls in concert at the zoo. Strange venue? Maybe, unless you've seen the Oregon Zoo and the beautiful lawn ampitheater there. We each brought food and blankets/chairs to share and found a good spot on the grass. Fun!!! We killed a couple of hours snacking and talking and laughing and SWEATING (it was nearly 100 degrees that day and we had to get there at 5pm or earlier in order to get a spot on the grass. It goes without saying that I would never have braved the heat had it not been for this fun group and good music.)

And let me tell you, open air concerts provide some really good people-watching opportunities! Especially when the concert you are attending is a show by well-known, very public lesbians. It tends to draw an interesting crowd. The lesbians seemed to all behave themselves - it was the hetero couple right in front of us that squicked us out, essentially giving us all a soft-core show that made us all want to plead with them to get a room already! Geez! We had some interesting conversations while eating yummy food and drinking yummy drinks, such as pondering how many of the people with very large, visible tattoos regret them now? And just when did it become the trendy thing to do - get a tattoo? I'm all for tattoos - I have one - but I like to keep it under wraps and one would only know I had one if I choose to reveal it. Wearing shorts or tank tops doesn't automatically show my ink to the world.

Anyway, I've been to see Indigo Girls before and really enjoy them in concert. They harmonize so well it's amazing to listen to. And they both play guitar and I swear, each of them changed guitars before every song! The guitars from one song to the next looked the same to me (acoustic), so that just demonstrates my total ignorance about these things. The Girls played a lot of new stuff - they have a new album coming out - but they also played some of their more well-known songs like Closer to Fine and Galileo. Good stuff. I was really hoping they'd play Dear Mr. President, the song that recently came out with Pink, but sadly they didn't. I really like that song and it's in my Favorites playlist on my iPod. Powerful lyrics that make you think.

If you ever get a chance to hear these ladies perform live I highly recommend it!!

The lesbians seemed to all behave themselves?????????????????????????????????????????
well, anon, you know those wild and crazy lesbians! They'll do anything to make a vulgar spectacle!
I mean, GROSS!!!
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