Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The C-Word

So Mr. Chick and I were in Las Vegas this past weekend celebrating a decade of marital bliss. We had a really fun time, great weather, a beautiful hotel (really, I recommend the Palazzo if you're headed to Vegas anytime soon! You can find some great deals online since they've only been open a short while. Gorgeous!!) We did lots of sight-seeing (driving and walking style), ate at more than one buffet, partied at a few clubs (memory a bit fuzzy after a certain point in the evening... ) saw a show (Zumanity - a Cirque du Soleil show at New York, New York. Rique in that it's a T&A show in true Vegas style), lounged pool side, shopped, and soaked up lots of time together. Made a few good memories (but you know the saying... what happens in Vegas and all... so I'm not sharing THOSE stories!). It was really nice to get away together and long overdue. The kids were with my sister and her family for one night, and then Mr. Chick's dad drove up to take the kids for a couple of days. We're very lucky to have willing family for these kinds of things. Opa totally did great with the kids and spoiled them rotten in true grandparent fashion. :)

And then reality came crashing down. Hard.

My dad called me last night. It's not good news. He'd had a routine physical several weeks ago and the doctor noted a hard lump on/near his prostate. He was referred to a urologist for further testing. The urologist did a biopsy. It took nearly 2 weeks for them to finally call him with the results - more than a week AFTER they'd told him they'd get back to him. Assholes. And yes, they found cancer. My dad has prostate cancer. I don't know whether to scream or cry. Or both. He's taking it quite well and isn't getting his feathers too ruffled. My mom has been in Cambridge helping move my sister for grad school, so he's completely by himself. He was driving when they finally called to give him the news. Again, assholes. I guess there is some sort of 1 - 5 scale for prostate cancer, with 1 being essentially cancer-free (highly differentiated) and 5 being the worst. My dad is a 3. Top of the bell-curve - most common. Caught fairly early, but he's had it awhile. I guess prostate cancer doesn't move/grow very fast. My mom gets home tomorrow and then they're meeting with the doctor to discuss this whole thing and start reviewing treatment options. My dad is 64.

According to what my dad said the doctors told him, if a man lives long enough he's bound to get prostate cancer. I've heard that, too. Something like by the age of 80-85, 90% of men have or have had it. More men die with it than from it. So it sort of felt inevitable, I suppose, to my dad. He's known several friends/acquaintances who've gone through this already. It sounds like he'll have some options, and some time to fully consider them. There is no huge rush, I'm told. But still - MY DAD HAS CANCER! AAAaaahhhhh!!!

Reality Bites.

PS - I officially "fired" my client last week due to repeated non/late payment issues and have a phone interview with a different company this afternoon. As an employee, not independent contractor. My heart/head is NOT in it and I'll probably blow it. Plus, I'm not sure they fully understand I'm only interested in part-time work. We'll see.

I am so sorry to hear about your dad!! Keep your chin up!! Congrats on firing your client, you go girl!!! Good luck with the interview!!
MP - sorry to hear about your father. Glad you had a nice time in Vegas though. Cancer is scary no matter how treatable or how early it is caught.

Thinking of you and your family. I don't know what else to say.

PS I meant to ask about your Vegas trip when I commented on your hair. I just assumed that since you didn't mention it "What happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas" ;). Glad you had a great trip.
I know it sounds really scary but if you have to have C, that is the one to have (as a male!) Really, it usually is very localized and does not spread usually. And almost all men get it, it is treatable and you can live wiht it for a really long time with no ill effects. There are some surgical methods which I don't think are too complicated. Good luck to him and your family!
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