Saturday, May 24, 2008

Not Loving It

First off, I want to thank everyone who rang in on their thoughts of which haircut I should get. Mostly it seemed as if Martina was the preference followed closely by Heather. Mandy seemed out due to "high maintenance" issues. I totally agree. My mother, when asked her opinion (big mistake!), said, "it's about time you got a haircut! You've got waaayyy too much going on. I don't like it this long. Shorter is much better on you." She's never liked long hair - on anyone.

So I went to the appointment yesterday with high hopes of a new sassy, hip style. Mostly I wanted the overwhelming bulk of my hair taken down some to move away from the triangle shape I was flirting wi
th. I went in with hair like this:

Longer than shoulder-length and thick.

I've never had my hair cut in quite this manner before. The stylist looks at a head of curly hair "like a sculpture" and addresses each head uniquely. She cuts the hair dry so that essentially each curl can be cut individually for maximum results. We talked about what I was looking for, seemed to reach agreement, and she started. Lifting my hair in little sections and cutting. Twirling and snipping the tiniest bits, it seemed. And then in a blink the bulk was gone and the weight of my hair was lifted from below the chin level to above. The triangle was gone and my curls were bouncing. Literally. And there was a fat load of my hair on the floor all around the chair. Then, after the dry cut, she took me to the sink for a wash and then revisited my hair, cutting any random long strands previously missed. Then she used a diffuser to semi-dry my hair and sent me on my way, damp-headed.

It wasn't until I got home that I saw the full effect of the cut. And hated it.

It was much longer in the back than the sides. I'm not a fan of the angling down to the middle of the back of the head look. It just looked really random. As my hair was drying the curls were shrinking, as they tend to do, and it was looking really poufy. I didn't cry, but tears were threatening to leak out at any second. And to make matters worse I was expecting a friend and her kids over for an after-school playdate, so I had very little time to try to remedy the situation. To this date I have NEVER had a hairstylist style my hair at the salon in a way that I love. I usually hate the way my hair looks when I leave. They do funny things to my bangs, or I'm all frizzed out, or something. It's my common practice to have to come home and start-over, styling my hair myself to get a good idea of how it will end up looking. This cut? Sucked.

So I did what any self-respecting curly-headed girl would do: grab the scissors and get to work fixing it. Curls hide a lot of sins, and my hair is never cut straight anyway. So I got down to the business of taking SEVERAL INCHES off the back. The back! By myself! With just a hand mirror and my own sense of touch to guide me. Don't worry, I've done this before. I think I should have an honorary beauticians license by now. So I snipped here and I hacked there. I checked, double-checked, and cut some more. I was cutting chunks of my own hair! When I saw how short she'd cut my bangs I nearly lost it. No help there other than time, sadly. My bathroom counter is all fuzzy with the evidence of my self-cut. Really, I cut a lot. But it's better now than it was, if you can believe it.

This morning I had dragon boat practice so I had to wait to completely wet my hair and style it until afterwards. I was eager to jump into the shower and get a clean slate, so to speak, on my hair. I dried it using my hairdryer and diffuser. And used the products I like to use on it. I know what works for me. It needed a little more snip snipping to catch a few random spots I had missed yesterday, but that was about it. And because everyone requested "after" pictures, here they are. And like the title of this post, I'm not loving it. It's back to chin length again, essentially, and my bangs are too short/layered. There is very little movement in my hair anymore it's so textured. It's hard to put it in a ponytail because it is so textured. I have a lot more "playing' to do to figure out a cute way to wear it up/back. I miss my old hair and regret going for this cut. I needed something done to my hair, but this was not what I was after. Boo-hoo!

The cut. New look. Change is hard. I have to get used to this. My mother will really like it, but she might be the only one. I'd say it's easily 5 inches shorter than it was.

Side view on the side I part my hair (messy part). If/when I tuck my hair behind an ear, this is the side that gets tucked.

Other side - "thicker" because it's the non-part side. I like this side of my hair better than the other, generally. Strange how two sides of the same head can look so different.... Notice how the length in the back is not essentially the same as the sides? Yeah, I did that. Before it was a good 2-3 inches longer in the back.

Back view. Not much to see here but a mess of curls, although I will say it looks pretty even and pat myself on the back for THAT skill. Any suggestions out there about what I could do with my hair now to make it cuter? I feel like this cut makes me look less sophisticated than before, and there are definitely fewer styling options. I probably just need to get used to it and suck it up, but this is just so NOT what I was expecting! I think it looks "sensible" when I was hoping for chic. More "soccer mom" and less "MILF".

I think it looks good. I always have haircut regrets and have never cut as much off as you just did!! That is a big change. I also have curly hair and feel that it looks more "chic" and less "mom like" when I straighten it. It is a lot more work but worth it when I am going for a better look. I sometimes blow it straight (takes longer) and when I'm in more of a hurry I use a straight iron. I am planning to invest in a good one ( I currently have a cheap one). I hear they work wonders and really don't take long to use. With as much as she thinned your hair, it probably wouldn't take long to straighten. Would love to see a pic of a straight version!
I think it looks great. Give yourself a few days to adjust to it. I never like my hair right after going to the salong either.
Honestly -- I do think it looks nice. I am SO impressed that you made the back that even on your own. And I would kill for that much curl. I have the half wavy/half curly with a dash of pin straight hair and it would never do that. I think when your bangs get a little longer you may just like it a lot.

Oh --a nd what's it about moms and long hair. My mom HATES long hair. With a passion -- and always has.
First off, I'm sorry you hate it! Honestly I dont' think it looks bad at all. Kudos on the self cut in the back--wish you would've taken a before pic of that too. :) I'm curious what it looked like before. Sorry you had to lose so much length. I agree with the other Jen that if you want chic you may have to try straightening it. That's what I do to mine when I want that look. What does your dh think of it??
MP- it looks fabulous! You look 10 years younger (not that you looked old before, but you know what I mean.) I say you should stick with cutting your own hair- you obviously do a much better job!

Have you ever used any of the Ouidad products for curly hair? They're pretty good. $$, but worth it.
I really love it and really like the bangs. I think you look great and I agree that it takes years off. But I also understand too, that you don't like it and that is what counts. In January I had my hair cut and it was WAAYYY shorter than my stylist and I had agreed on. The cut was essentially how I wanted it but it was SHORT. I thought it looked terrible and apparently it did b/c both boys asked me "what happened to your hair" (in a horrified voice). Now that it has grown out about an inch and is not as shockingly short, I really do like it. So I understand but I think you look fab.
I really like it, MP! It looks much more sophisticated to me than the long hair with bangs. I don't like long curly hair with bangs though ...
I like it. It looks good on you and I think it makes you look more current. Maybe when the bangs grow out you'll like it better??
It looks really beautiful. Really.
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