Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hair Crisis - Input Needed!

As you may or may not know, for what feels like forever I've been growing my hair. It got pretty long - nearly hitting bra strap mid back when wet (curls tend to shrink some when dry...). It was the longest I'd ever had my hair - ever. For as long as I can remember I've tended to keep my hair chin length, give or take, thinking/assuming it was the most flattering for my narrow-ish face. But for a change I figured I'd give longer a try. And I got/get a lot of compliments and truly like the flexibility of just being able to put it back. I like how I look with my hair off my face. So you know what that means: lots of ponytails.

I've been going to the same hairdresser for a number of years. She's a friend of mine and gives me a pretty good deal on the cost of cuts and colorings. And all in all I think she does a good job. But, lately, with my hair getting longer and all, I think I need a change. I've asked around and got the name of a stylist whose getting a reputation for being really good with curly hair. I've made an appointment for this Friday. And while I feel a bit guilty for "cheating" on my friend/hairdresser, I think getting the perspective of someone different from time to time can be a good thing. And my style needs a LOT of help. That's where you come in.

I love Whoorl and have scoured her site for ideas and images. I found 3 that might apply to me and I really want anyone who reads this to chime in and give me your opinion as which cut, if any, I should get. You've seen the (horrible) picture of me at the top of this post (I'm super-critical of all pictures of myself - gah!) My hair is color treated to hide gray, very thick and curly/wavy (spiral, ringlet-type curls underneath, looser wavy curls on the top/outside layer. I have long layers but am flirting dangerously with the dreaded triangle shape. Yuck. My hair tends to frizz. It's too thick and curly to blow-dry straight/flat iron with any sort of regularity, so I try to just go with the curls and not fight it. I look better with bangs. Trust me, I've tried growing them out and look nasty. So, with all of that in mind, here are the 3 hairstyles that I like and think might work for me. What do you think?? So you like Martina, Heather, or Mandy? Please, I really am looking for outside opinions here! Thanks in advance! I'll try to post a picture of how my hair turns out after it's cut on Friday.

Well, if you have read my blog you know what happened when I went in for trim with hair as long as yours:) So I am afraid to give an opinion. Right now I covet long hair so I'd say Martina -- its just a more layered version of yours I think, and it looks like it would play nicely with the curl. That or the Heather length. I LOVE the Mandy one, but I think your hair is too curly. Are you going to post an after picture?

I think Heather's hair is thinner than yours and a very different texture, so I'm not so sure yours would look the same. Mandy's I think is too smooth, so you'd be stuck ironing or blowing dry with a round brush every day to get that look (kind of a pain, if you ask me, though I LOVE the look!).

I think based on what you have to work with (curly, thick), Martina's style would probably work best - still give you the flexibility to pull it up if you want, but the layers allow for more style when you wear it down. Plus? Sexy.

Best wishes!
My vote is for Martina especially if you want to keep it curly. I have curly hair too and finally found someone who knows how to cut curly hair and it makes a huge difference in the end. I have thick hair too so she really "thins" it a lot using a razor so it isn't too thick which makes it much easier to deal with. Good luck and I can't wait to see the after picture!!
I would have to say Martina!! I agree with both Jenn and Holly!! After picture please!!
I agree that the Mandy one will be a lot of work although it is very cute. I also agree with the poster who suggested asking your stylist to "thin" your hair. I too have very thick hair and this seems to make a difference in the overall bushiness of it. The Martina does seem like the best option for your hair type. Plus, then you still have the ponytail option.
they are all cute. It depends how short you want to go. I have recently cut off 3-4" of long hair and feel that it looks better. I went from about bra strap length to shoulder length. I am 34 and feel that the older I get the shorter I "should" go as I do like long hair but sometimes think 30 and 40 somethings with long hair give off an impression of trying to look younger and that often backfires. So, I'm going shorter as I get older!! i also have curly hair, but not as thick as yours.
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