Friday, May 09, 2008

A Decade

Scene 1: May 9, 1998. MP and Mr. Chick at the church, surrounded by friends and family. Vows are repeated, promises are made. Everyone is smiling, happy, and in love.

Scene 2: May 9, 2008. MP and Mr. Chick are a bit older and wiser, surrounded by two kids. Vows have been honored, promises kept. Everyone is smiling, happy, and still in love. 10 years have gone by in a blink.

Today is our wedding anniversary. I've been a married lady for 10 whole years. Marrying Mr. Chick was the best decision I ever made, hands down. For the past
couple of days we've been having a lot of fun talking about our anniversary. Text flirting, if you will. Like the one I sent him yesterday saying that 10 yrs ago from this very minute I was nervously, excitedly rehearsing for the wedding and how I still smile when I think about seeing him later that day. And he emailed me the picture of the floorplan of the pimpy suite we've booked for our anniversary trip to Vegas at the end of the month. We've been acting all goofy and teenager-y lately, mooning at each other. I love it.

I love how Mr. Chick told me about how he happened to mention that today was our 10 yr anniversary to a law school buddy because he was proud of it (and he likes to shock friends who we didn't know 10 years ago and are younger than us and are surprised we are as old as we are and have been together as long as we have (10 yrs married, 16+ yrs together)).

I love how we check on the kids together at night before we go to bed.

I love that, on most nights, we go to bed together.

I love that we both observe the little courtesies that make such a difference (like how he'll make the coffee for me in the morning, even if he isn't having any himself. Or how he calls me when he's about to leave the office and ask if I need him to stop at the store for anything. Or how he always remembers to pull the curtain across the doorway to our closet/bathroom so the light doesn't shine in my eyes. Or how he'll reach to hold my hand when we're driving in the car together.)

I love that hearing of the breakup of other peoples' marriages makes us sad and want to cling to ours more fiercely. (that reads funny - we're NEVER happy or love to hear about couples breaking up. I just appreciate how it brings us closer together instead of making either of us contemplate the upside of divorce.)

I love how being with him makes me a better person. Not a day goes by that I don't have this thought. Sometimes I feel lazy about housework, for example, and the kitchen is a mess with dishes piled up in the sink and general untidiness abounds. And then I'll think about Mr. Chick and how hard he works for us, and how he doesn't deserve to come home to this, and I want to keep up my end - for him if not for me. And so I'll pull my act together and clean things up so he can come home to peace and calm. I know he appreciates it.

I think that's the essence to keeping things g
ood in a marriage: keeping each other top of mind and finding ways to make the other persons day just a little bit better somehow. Like making the coffee or keeping the house nice. Trivial, little things that make all the difference. Treat your man well and he'll treat you like a queen! I do that, and I get that. And I wouldn't trade it for the world!

How am I being treated like a queen, literally? You should SEE the suite Mr. Chick booked for us for our anniversary trip to Vegas. OMG - !! We're staying for 3 nights in the newest 5-star tower on the strip (part of the Venetian) called The Palazzo. It looks AMAZING! It's only been open a few months, so it's brand new. Mr. Chick insisted that if we were going to celebrate this milestone of an anniversary we were going to do it in style (see? a queen!). We're both so excited - we may never leave the room! I've been to Las Vegas several times, and Mr. Chick has been to Vegas several times, but we've never been together. There is so much to see and do that it's a given we'll have a fantastic time - we've always traveled well together. See what 10 years of mutual love and devotion gets you? :)

Happy Anniversary. I hope you have a wonderful trip and can't wait to hear about it.

I really, really like the part about you doing your best to keep the home calm and peaceful before Mr. Chick gets home. You know, I like to do this as well. I have a lot of "mommy friends" who think that is ridiculous - some sort of throwback to the 50's with me serving my man. You know what? I figure I should do what I can to make his day nicer. Work can be very long and tiring - coming home to a clean house and dinner cooking or on the table is nice. It is nice to treat your spouse nice. I work weekends - when I come home, DH has the house clean and the children are bathed and in bed waiting for kisses from me (I work late) - I love that and try my best to reciprocate. I also try to keep my weight and appearance at the same level they were when we married - I know DH wouldn't leave me if I got fat or anything, but I just think it is a nice thing to do. And you know what? I'm not particularly religious or conservative - I just love my spouse and want him to be happy. Next month we will be celebrating 12 years of marriage. :).
oh, barf.
Hey, Barf! Jealous much?
hey, Anonymous! Are you insinuating that i am jealous b/c you are really just MP in disguise?
Nope - this is MP. I'm always myself on my blog and everywhere else. I don't much care whether Anonymous 1 is jealous or just doesn't appreciate the occasional sappy post. Whatever. But I do smile when someone feels the need to "defend" me (Anonymous 2) - I think it's rather nice.

And yeah, the post was rather sappy and sickly sweet. I admit it. But so what?! It's my blog, my feelings for my husband, my anniversary, and I think it's nice when people feel all mushy about each other. We need more of that. Am I a throwback as a wife? Maybe. But who cares? As long as *I'm* happy, Mr. Chick is happy, and our marriage is strong, why get your feathers ruffled? What works for me clearly doesn't work for everyone. To each their own. Live and let live and all that jazz.

Moving on...
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