Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break Hangover

All hail the return to school - spring break is over! Hip hip hooray! Actually, I enjoyed spring break this year. I enjoyed hanging with my kids and doing fun things. We didn't travel anywhere (we usually don't - the last time I really traveled for spring break was back in 1992, when I met Mr. Chick), but for what I spent this past week, we could have. Geez!

The week started by hosting a dinner party for 10. Mostly friends from law school. Back in November, when turkeys were cheap, we bought several and have had them in our deep freeze. We decided to invite friends over to help us eat one of those big turkeys, and I ended up hosting a full Thanksgiving dinner all over again. Mr. Chick smoked the turkey all day and I handled the sides: mashed potatoes, stuffing, green beans, salad, and dessert (bought, not homemade. Hey, a girl needs help sometimes!) Most of the people who came for dinner were singles with dates. They're young and hip, as contrasted to us (old with kids and living in the 'burbs). But I think everyone had a good time. In true old-fogey, 'burb fashion we busted out the games after dinner. Guesstures and Balderdash, baby. Good times!

During the week I took the kids to lunch and OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) with friends, went to lunch and bowling with other friends, took in a matinee of Horton Hears A Who, and hosted yet another (smaller) dinner party. I think we even squeezed in a physical therapy appointment for Nicholas for his tight tendons/muscles from being a toe-walker. Thankfully, my client for whom I do very part-time work (and who is now current with what he owes me - hooray!), was on vacation all week and I didn't have any work to do. I got to play with my kids and go broke doing it. Good times, good times. But trust me, it's nice now that we're back to "normal" and we're back in our usual routine.

Although, the routine is changing starting tonight when I have my first Dragon Boat practice. I'm excited to do this, but not about the weather conditions I'm facing (an hour on the river during sporadic rain, wind and chilling temps. Brrr!!) We'll be practicing 3x/week until early June when the big race weekend takes place. That's a lot of time to be in wet, miserable weather so I made a trip to REI this weekend to pick up some gear. Gloves and neoprene water socks, most specifically. I have a feeling I'll be happy I have them.....

I think our spring break was fun for everyone. Mr. Chick and I are saving our travel time for our 10 year anniversary coming up in about 6 weeks. Right now we're planning what to do for this milestone, and we're considering a night or two at the coast, central Oregon, or maybe even Vegas. Both Mr. Chick and I have been to Vegas several times, but never together. I think it would be a lot of fun, as does he, so that's our first choice if we can make it happen (thank you, tax refund, and/or the stupid George Bush stimulus money).

How was your spring break? Do anything fun or exciting? Or, were you like us and made your own fun at home?

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