Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sisterly Pride

I'm so proud of my sister I could burst! You see, she was just accepted into a very prestigious school for a dual masters degree program. In June of 2010 - just two years from now - she'll graduate from M.I.T. with a masters degree in mechanical engineering AND an MBA. And guess how much she'll have paid in tuition? Go on - guess. (playing the theme song to Jeopardy! in my head...) If you guessed anything above $0 you'd have guessed too high. That's right, my friends, her program is a corporate-sponsored program which covers her tuition in full. She'll be responsible only for her living expenses for those two years. How amazing is that??!! Just brilliant! So now my smarty-pants sister will be quitting her manager job at Intel, making arrangements for her house (aka finding renters), figuring out what to do with all her stuff (sell it? Move it back east to Massachusettes? Rent the house furnished? Put it in storage? I told her I would "store" her dining room furniture for her - it's pretty and I don't have a decent set, as I've already lamented about before. Plus, she stored my hand-me-down living room couches for me while Mr. Chick was in law school - nearly 4 yrs! It's the least I could do...) and getting ready to be a student again.

My sister is living proof that sometimes you just need to roll the dice and take a chance on that brass ring. Sometimes you get it even when it's a long shot. Sometimes dreams do come true. Right now I'm just basking in sisterly pride for her. I'll miss her while she's gone and hope her future career brings her back home. But I'm just so happy for her and this next fun chapter in her life. Who knows what her future holds? Good things, I predict. Only good things.

WOW - Congrats to your sister and her promising future. I would be so proud too. Quite an accomplishment!!

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