Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My Heart

...melted just a little when I saw Mr. Chick and Lauren crashed on the couch together. Lauren had been sick and was running a fever and had gotten out of bed to come find us. She just wanted to be held and comforted, feeling as crappy as she did. Mr. Chick let her snuggle right up with him, giving me a small break from having her sickness all over me the way it had been for most of that day. I think it might have been the hour, combined with having such a warm (hot), pliable body curled up next to (on) him, that Mr. Chick fell asleep - maybe even before Lauren did.

Can you see how Lauren's eyelids look purple? No, that's not eyeshadow. It's illness. And how there are bright spots of pink blooming on her cheeks? Yep - fever. She got it bad. But the detail of this picture that I'm so happy to have captured is the way Lauren is clutching her blankie. Can you see that little corner she's holding in her hand? That's what she calls her "spot", and it's a very particular corner of her blankie. She will hold that spot in her hand, just as you see her doing here in her sleep, and stroke it on her lips. She's brush her lips, back and forth, up and down, with that corner spot. It's what feels good to her. A big ol blankie and she reduces it down to a tiny spot. Which, I'm sad to say, has started to literally unravel in the past week or so. It can't be fixed - I've tried. It's a hand-knit blanket, loved very well.

Thankfully, Lauren feels better now. The fever is long gone, but the clingy-ness remains. She's very eager to sit on my lap, pretty much all day. She wants me to carry her as much as possible. She doesn't sit NEXT to me on the couch, she sits ON me. It's like she wants to crawl inside my skin and take up residence there for awhile. And I must admit to indulging her just a bit because she's getting so big and won't fit on me for much longer. And she's just such a charmer it's hard to say no. So for now you'll see me with my newest accessory: Lauren. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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