Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Baby

I'm not very big on Valentine's Day. Or any other "made up" holidays. Mr. Chick sees to it that I'm well-aware of his feelings for me on a regular basis, so I don't need a certain day to make sure that happens. It happens all year long. A lot. I'm a lucky girl.

But it IS Valentine's Day, after all, and I AM a lucky girl. And it's been a long week chock-full of sick kids. Nicholas missed 3 days of school this week and stayed home with a fever. He was very, very worried he'd miss school today and the Valentine's Day class party. He'd worked hard writing out his valentines - all 28 of them - and then he got sick. Mama to the rescue: I inserted all the stickers that came with the Harry Potter valentines into the pre-perforated (at least, most of them were...) slots and taped on the heart-shaped chocolate treat to each of the cards. He was ready. And when I was taking his temperature this morning it was to the background chanting of Nicholas' desperate plea: "PLEASE be under 100 degrees so I can go to school! PLEASE be under 100 degrees so I can go to school!" And it was! And he did! Which left me with just Lauren today, who seems to have the same fever Nicholas just had, plus a lovely cough to go along with it. No valentine's day class party for this preschooler. We dropped off her valentines cards instead, which she also filled out herself. Later we picked up the ones given to her by her classmates, which she is gleefully going through this very minute.

In between the valentines drop off and pick up at the preschool, Lauren and I ventured downtown to see Daddy. A surprise - he wasn't expecting us. I had a card for Mr. Chick and had Lauren deliver it to his office while I waited outside the door. It was an invitation to lunch. He loved that we came to see him. We had a quickie lunch together - the three of us - which was nice. And cool that it was just with Lauren, for she is our valentines day baby. Conceived, not delivered (Nov. 8th - you do the math). I don't think Mr. Chick even remembers this little detail, but I do. So sitting there at lunch with my husband and daughter was a nice way to spend the afternoon. He got lunch with his girls, Lauren got some unusual one-on-one time with her parents - no brother in sight - and I got to remember how this man and I made this precious girl 5 years ago on this day. Cheesy, I know, but nice nonetheless.

And as a total sidenote: I've re-entered the 21st century and finally got a cell phone again. Yes, I was THAT person who didn't have a cell phone. We got rid of them when Mr. Chick went to law school and were in no hurry to get one again. We were out of the habit of having one, and didn't relish the expense when it wasn't really necessary. But, the kids are both in school and have more activities, and I'm working. So having a cell phone makes more sense now, and I can have my home phone and business phone forwarded to my cell phone when I'm out and about. Plus, it came with free Bluetooth, which the ONLY way I'll even CONSIDER taking a phone call while I'm driving. Cell phones in cars are dangerous and I'm not down with that. In fact, my phone rang today on the way to see Mr. Chick and even with the Bluetooth I could tell that I was distracted. I had to pull over to finish my conversation - it made me too nervous. We'll see if I keep the phone - I have one more week to decide risk-free. I know many people can't understand not having a cell, but for me, it's hard to justify the expense. I don't like talking on the phone in public - rude, mostly - and don't like talking while driving. So it's more for emergencies, I guess, but even then, is it worth $40/mo?? Still trying to weigh the pro and cons.

can't you get the $20/month plan with the very minimal minutes? I do not use mine much at all and have the basic cheap plan. BUt totally worth it for emergencies etc.
I've posted and I don't know if it went to cyber land or what...I'm gonna wait a while before I post again and see if it shows back up....

the short of it is, we got rid of our landline and my moms and got cells for me, Wayne, my mom, and one of my employees (Asst. Dir) for way less than those 2 landlines were costing us...I love my cell phone, I'm one of THOSE people!
I'm thinking about downgrading from the cheapest possible Verizon plan ($45/mo with taxes) to a pre-paid approach. It would be $1 per each day the phone is used, plus 10 cents/min for all calls not to Verizon phones, but both dh's and my extended families are all on Verizon, and that's 90% of my calls. I'm pretending this month that I downgraded to see how the payment would be (just looking at my last 6 months, I would only have saved money twice, but I knew then that I had unlimited night/weekend minutes). We lost our cell and didn't use it for 2+ weeks and didn't feel like the world caved in, but I do like having it around. This might be a nice in-between.

I'm just sick of paying so much for things like phone and internet. We don't get cable TV. I decided highspeed internet needs to stick around longer than the cell phone plan.
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