Friday, February 22, 2008

House of Sick

Now with more fever! Last week it was Nicholas who was down for the count, missing the first 3 days of school to stay in bed with a fever and feel miserable. Lauren teased us with a day or so of slight fever, but seemed to rebound quickly, never really getting too slammed by it. So we went to play at my parents lake house over the weekend with some friends. Good fun, except for the brief period in the middle of the night when their middle kid woke up all hot and feverish. Seemed to be but a blip and he was right as rain the next morning. No worries. And the first part of this week was relatively normal. Sure, a few runny noses, etc., but nothing alarming. Clear snot does not alarm me.

On Tuesday morning Lauren's preschool teacher called me (ME! I got the call!) to come help in the classroom that morning because she had hurt her knee and couldn't walk. OK! I'd LOVE to help out! I was eager-beaver about it and looked forward to spending the morning with Lauren at preschool. To get to observe her in her "natural environment", so to speak. Oh my, but the range of kids in that class - ! All levels of ability, behavior, and colors of snot in their noses. I mean really - colored snot = stay home! I think I personally wiped a dozen noses and went through at least 1/2 a bottle of sanitizing gel. So it was no surprise to me when Lauren asked to snuggle with me the next afternoon (Wed) and promptly fell asleep only to wake up really hot. Fever hot. Bright blooms of pink flushing her cheeks. Cccrrraaaappppp! Lauren does NOT nap - ever - so that my first big clue that she was coming down with something. Waking up with a hot fever only confirmed what I already knew was coming. So she was home with me all day yesterday, had a rough night of frequent wakings last night, and continues to be hot today, albeit not quite as hot (just 100.4 vs. 102.something). She wants to be ON me - a LOT - which I'm happy to allow when she's sick. Except that it means nothing else gets done. The house is a wreck and we have a friend coming over for dinner. The fridge is bare and I MUST go to the store in order to feed said friend. Nevermind ourselves. But I hate dragging a sick child out and about. She's a trouper and all, but still - it has to suck when you want to be snuggled in your bed watching Clifford videos and your mom makes you put on clothes, sit in cold car all the way to the store, and then ride around in the cart because you mom says she can't carry you (all 44 lbs of you!) and shop at the same time. Being sick sucks, and being the mom of a sick kid sucks, too. It's the house of sick suckage. Not to mention that I'm extremely tired. Sleeping with a hot, sick child does not allow for much restful sleep. Every time she stirs, she wakes, which is frequent. If she feels too hot, I'm on alert watching her and have had to do fever-reducing stuff in the middle of the night, which leads to tears (hers and almost mine). There is bed hopping involved. I slept in HER bed - a twin - WITH HER - last night from about 4:45am until 7am to spare Mr. Chick the constant restlessness that was going on in our bed. (aka: "I want to sleep next to Daddy." A few hours go by, then we're awakened to her climbing over Daddy claiming, "I want to sleep in the middle", followed yet again by "I wanna sleep next to you, Mama". sigh. It gets exhausting) So now I have this dull throbbing ache in my head, my eyes feel gritty, I'm feeling a bit short-tempered, and I have to get ready to shop, clean and cook today. And oh yeah, be a human Kleenex and lovey to my sick daughter. No problem! Lauren, on the other hand, besides still running a low-grade fever, is on the mend and fairly chipper. The tide has turned, but now *I* need to recover!

Ok, thanks for letting me vent. I'm just hoping I don't catch it because Sunday is the Oscars and that means I'm getting together with some girlfriends for our annual Oscar party (I'm not hosting this year, thank god) and some time away from the kids. I haven't done any "research" yet, but I'm hoping that this year will be MY year for winning the ballot competition we do. Oh yeah!

I'm sorry you've been dealing with sick kiddos. That's never fun. And I'm right there with you on if your kids is sick DO NOT send them to school to infect the whole class!! So many parents do that though! Ugh. Hopefully your little princess is all better by now and none of the rest of you will get sick.

PS-do you still keep in touch with anyone from the Babies or Bust group?
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