Wednesday, January 09, 2008


My neighborhood is all a-buzz. A neighbor of mine received some unsettling information about another neighbor who just moved in this past summer - 2 doors down from me. Not wanting to rely on gossip, I've been doing my own due diligence.

It's not good news.

Turns out, my new neighbor (who has generally annoyed all the other neighbors on my end of the street with their collection of junky cars clogging up their driveway and curb) is a convicted rapist. Nice, huh? Rape 1. Which is the worst one. Rape 1 is when the victim was forcibly assaulted with sexual intercourse (vs. fondling, for example) and the victim was either physically or mentally disadvantaged (like drugged or asleep or mentally challenged), or the victim was under 16 yrs of age. I don't know which it was with this guy, but I aim to find out. It was at least 20 years ago and he's kept his nose clean since then - at least according to our court/legal system - but still.... not exactly a flattering tidbit. He is not considered predatory and was under "supervision" by the county until 2 years ago. Another neighbor will be trying to contact his former parole officer to find out more.

There is nothing we can do about this other than be armed with the knowledge that this guy is a dirtbag and keep our eye on him. Granted, a potentially rehabilitated dirtbag, but regardless, this is not an individual I'm going to seek out for neighborly interaction. I have kids to protect, not to mention myself. I am going to make sure that every neighbor on this street with children is aware of this guy. Of that you can be sure.

My friend/neighbor has a brother who is a detective and confirmed the information I received from my DA brother-in-law. This is fact. Her brother, the cop, said that the only thing that can be done is to make his life unpleasant by calling the cops each time he is in violation of some city ordinance regarding the plethora of crappy cars stacked 2 deep in his driveway and garage, and the curb. The cops have already been to his house a couple of times regarding something to do with papers (restraining order? subpoena?). The police wouldn't share the details - rightfully so. But the fact remains that they've been here. Might be nothing, might be something. But now given this new insight into his past, I'm inclined to think the worst. Right or wrong, that's where my mind goes.

This is a VERY quiet, pleasant suburban neighborhood and street. Nice people, lots of families, good schools. And not a single sex offender within a mile of my house (according to the state online database). And really, very few scumbags that I've seen or noticed in the nearly 2 years I've lived and interacted in this community. Low crime, big-time community involvement - nice. The kind of place you seek out in which to raise your family. People stay put here - not a very transitory type of place. Mostly owner-occupied homes. And the one convicted rapist in the area moves in 2 doors down from me. Of all the luck - !

So, I'll have one eye on my kids when they play outside, and one eye on this house, making sure they keep their distance from us. Benefit of the doubt? I'm willing to consider it, but I'm of the mindset "better safe than sorry."

I completely agree. You have to do everything you can to protect yourself and your family. That comes first. Always! I am so sorry your sense of safety is compromised. I'll say a prayer that nothing ever comes of this.
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