Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From The Mouths Of Babes

What Lauren asked me as I was making dinner last night:

"Mama, is Santa as fat as Grandma?"

Good thing my mother wasn't there to hear her! Yes, my mother is fat. Not just "big", but downright fat. Obese, even. She's battled her weight her whole life, it's seemed to me, but never with much success. She's in total denial about just how much or how badly she really eats. She goes out for a lot of meals. She's doesn't really exercise much. She walks from time to time, but doesn't like to break a sweat. She's strong and has endurance to spare, but she's fat. She's reached a point where she seems to sort of embrace the whole fat image, saying things like, "I can't get up from this couch easily - I'm too fat!" and laughing at herself. In a way, she's made peace with being heavy. She could stand to lose 100+ pounds, and I worry about that. If it wouldn't offend her terribly I'd submit her as a candidate for The Biggest Loser. She's mostly-retired and could easily be gone from her normal life for a few months. She clearly can't do it on her own and would need something like that to get the weight off. I fear she'll end up taking the easy route and get gastric by-pass surgery or something. Which is serious business. But she's a nurse and a fan of all things medical, so I wouldn't put it past her.

I think my mom's weight is part of my motivation to exercise regularly and eat well. I fear ending up fat like her and have resolved not to. I'm down 15 lbs in 2007, want to lose 15 more before my 20th high school reunion this fall (which would put me at right about my high school weight - yay!) and I'm comfortably wearing size 10 pants and medium tops. I'm content with my size - it's not gnawing at me. I think I look pretty good, actually. Healthy, shapely and strong. But my reunion is motivating me to drop a few more and look damn good when everyone sees me again after 20 years!

You wanting to look good for your reunion reminded me of something funny that happened at mine last year. This guy I remembered in high school came up to me (more than a little drunk) and said "I don't remember you from high school, but man you sure do look hot now!". Why....thankyouverymuch! Oh, well. It made me laugh!
Love the picture of you and Mr. Chick. You look great!!!! I too look at my mom and think "I DO NOT want to look like her". My mom could stand to lose at least 50 lbs. It seems she has gained it all since she went through menopause and it is ALL in her stomach. Faith patted her on the tummy last time we saw her and asked "Grandma, what is THAT". (Geez.) Grandma says "It's my fat tummy". Faith replies "Well I don't want one of those" My mom was always teeny tiny so this concerns me as I am built like her.
I have lost those "last 10 lbs." and think I look slimmer but I didn't lose them in the places that I wanted too.
Any way, I think you look fantastic. Knock 'em dead at your reunion. Can't wait to hear about it.
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