Thursday, December 06, 2007


So this whole work from home thing? Right now, it SUCKS. I generally like the content of my job, LOVE the flexibility, am even OK with my hourly bill rate. And most of the time, I like the guy I work for.


What I don't like? I don't like waiting 2+ months to get paid. Consistently. For the 2nd time now, I've billed out 2 months worth of hours and am into the 3rd month before I can strong-arm a check from this guy. I'm now in my 5th month, stressed out with our huge event that kicks off TONIGHT, and I've only gotten 2 checks in total. Through September. October and now November are outstanding. And Christmas is right around the corner and I NEED that money.

The other thing I don't like? When he engages a professional company to do a job for us, asks me to manage the project, and then can't pay the people as we go, expecting them to just extend him credit, which they won't, and then he gets pissy and mad and thinks it's THEM, when it's HIM, and I'm in the middle. I'm trying to deliver a kick-ass website for the guy, but when he can't pay for it and yet still expects it, what am I to do? He's pointing fingers at them, they're saying "fuck off, we don't need you. We have clients who will PAY us," and I'm still expected to smooth things over and get the damn website. With no time or money. Like TONIGHT. He made it impossible to do this. Not paying was just one aspect. He also wouldn't allow the web designers (who have done an excellent job, in my opinion) to actually have direct communication with the guy who will be hosting the site. Who bent over backwards for my boss last year, which earned him this loyalty, but who CAN'T act as webmaster because he doesn't code in the language of the new site. Beautiful. What a colossal cluster fuck. So we have radio stations banging down the door demanding the links to the shows they'll be broadcasting, but we don't have them yet because of this mess. We have an excellent web company doing their best for us, but unwilling to extend credit per policy, so I doubt we can finish the job. We have a hosting company trying to help work out the kinks, but in a coding language he doesn't understand. Yeah, I'm stressed. And I blame my boss.

I haven't had time to even THINK about getting ready for the holidays. Again this year I'm making some of the gifts, but I haven't had a lot of time to do so because this job has now sucked up all my available free time. I don't even have the money I was expecting as a result of this job to go buy gifts. I'm wondering why I'm even bothering anymore - it doesn't seem worth it. Except that I take pride in my work and work ethic and can't leave him in a bind. I'm still trying to problem-solve and make it happen by some miracle. But I tell you, it's really not fun right now. And the worst part? I'm expected to be available on a moment's notice at this point, but my "wait by the phone/computer time"? NOT BILLABLE. Well, at least up until now it's been unbillable. I might very well charge him for this time, since I feel like I'm on the clock, even if I'm just waiting around for the next call. I only wonder if I'll actually see the money I'm charging for this time. So far, his track record for getting me paid is crap.

Anyway, that's my vent. I know it's nothing new or unusual for a lot of people out there. And it's a unique time for my boss, too, who is under a lot of pressure and experiencing a huge cash flow problem. I just get annoyed when someone expects other people to behave a certain way, and extend certain courtesies to him on his schedule, but seems unable or unwilling to be cool about it when the same is expected of him. He's all "do as I say, not as I do." You owe me money, pay now! But when he owes someone, it's all wait wait wait. And HE gets pissed when they won't do his bidding on his word. Utterly frustrating. It's like he doesn't seem to understand that people aren't clamoring to work with him at any cost. That the world doesn't, in fact, revolve around him. Big ego. Big ego who is over-extended, tapped out, and taking a bath in business. Why do I work here again?

I would be really leary of someone who wasn't paying me. This shows he doesn't value you and what you are doing for him. I don't know what his company is, or if it is a new/start up company. But if so, what if he decides not to do it (isn't working out) and just doesn't pay you at all? So many new companies don't make it at all. Anyway, I would be straight and tell him/or do it in writing, that you need to be paid in a timely manner or you won't be available to him. And, yes, your on call time should be paid. Maybe not the full rate but there should be a rate for being on call. That is time that you could be doing something else. I think he is maybe taking advantage of you.
Tell that guy to pay you now or you're walking.
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