Friday, December 14, 2007


Since my last post I've had a whole week off from work. The guy I work for has been out of town at this big event causing a majority of the stress, so I've had the time off. It's been very nice and has allowed me to get more into the holiday spirit and prepare for the holiday. I'm feeling better and more grounded as a result, so that's good.

The web design firm I was working with has given me a very big compliment - a freelance gig! They so enjoyed working with me, despite my boss/client, that they've sought me out and asked if I would help them with a copywriting project. Yay! In my line of work (marketing communications, mostly) I've done a fair amount of writing. But I've never officially been a "copywriter", so I'm eager for the opportunity and challenge. And the gig is for a personal friend of the web designers, a philanthropist, so it's an even nicer compliment to me that they would think highly enough of my skills to give me the job. It should only take a few hours of time, but it's a good stepping stone. And they've already told me that they will be sharing with their friend/client who actually did the work (me) and promote me as available for other jobs that might come up. Huzzah! A very good opportunity indeed! It just goes to show that you never know when or where opportunity will strike.....

Now if I could just get past my writers block on my holiday card/letter I would have more confidence in my ability to do this job well!

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