Sunday, November 04, 2007

Showing My "O" Face

The Chick family are big UO Duck fans, and right now our Ducks are kicking ass! We just beat the previously unbeaten ASU Sun Devils in a home game yesterday that put us at the top of the Pac-10 Conference, and should place us at #3 in the BCS standings (thanks to Boston College losing yesterday and making it possible for the Ducks to move up.) Our remaining games - Arizona, UCLA & Oregon State - are not slam-dunks, but there is no reason the Ducks shouldn't win each of them. The teams we've beaten so far all have better records than our remaining 3 opponents. Visions of Pac-10 championships and national titles are running rampant among all Duck fans. It's contagious and at fever pitch.

Between us, Mr. Chick and I have 1 season ticket to the Duck games. That means that we don't get to go to the games together and instead take turns. Unless we trade, of course, which we were able to do for one of the games. But going to the games is an all d
ay experience. It's nearly 2 hrs to drive to Autzen Stadium, each way. Plus the time to tailgate, the game itself, and dealing with all the traffic and parking issues. Yesterday, ESPN College Gameday was in Eugene for the game, and Mr. Chick and our fellow tailgating friends left home at 6:30am in order to get there in time for some of that Gameday fun, tailgate, and go to the game. Which didn't start until 3:45pm. That's a LOT of tailgating, people. We're part of a group of people from law school who go in together for a bunch of tickets. Thanks to one of our friends and his rather large trust-fund that makes a sizable donation each year, our tickets are good ones. And our tailgate spot is awesome because we have two premium parking spaces very close to the stadium. And at Autzen Stadium, you can drink in the parking lots. So we're not relegated to the outer lots, away from the stadium, to tailgate. We get an optimum location. It's awesome. And to be there for home games is stunning and overwhelming. Autzen is one of the toughest stadiums to play in for opposing teams. It's known for it's noise levels. I don't know about yesterdays game, but at last weeks game against USC, at which I was present, they measured the volume inside Autzen at 127 decibels, which is louder, I'm told, than a jet engine taking off. I pretty much screamed myself hoarse at that game and loved every minute of it. I'm sure yesterday was much the same.

Right now is a really fun time to be a Duck fan! Go Ducks!

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