Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Pulling Up Another Chair

Toll the bells and sound the alarm! Make room for another one! My sister - my baby sister - had her first baby last night! A girl, yet unnamed (still deciding between two names, I'm told, but we haven't even heard what the final two choices are) who shares a birthday with my dad, her grandpa. Baby is weighing in in the mid-8 lb range. Nice and healthy all around. And by all reports, my sister is a champ at giving birth. Things progressed semi-quickly, her water broke, and 1.5 hrs later she delivered her daughter. Which is how it should be done, unlike my other sister and my own first baby childbirth experiences of over 24 hrs of labor, face-up babies requiring vacuum extractors, many hours of pushing, and lots of tearing. This? This sounds like how they tell you it's going to go. So I'm very, very happy for my sister and her husband and the new baby girl in our extended family. A niece! A new cousin!

This is grandchild #6 for my parents: 3 boys and 3 girls. My sister delivered a few days early when everyone expected her to be late. My mother missed this birth (my sister and her husband live in California) - the first birth of a grandchild she hasn't been there for. My mother caught a flight out last night, but missed the delivery anyway. She was due to fly out today in order to be there in time - early - and help my sister get the last minute stuff ready. Oh well. Babies come when they're ready, and this little girl was ready. And I have to confess to feeling a tiny bit vindicated that she delivered early. *I* was early with Nicholas, but everyone expected me to be late. My mother was late with all of us, my sister (who had her first two babies before I had Nicholas) was late. But I went a full week early with Nicholas and I had told my sister that you never know - she could be early, too. I said the same thing on Sunday at my Dad's birthday dinner. But I was dismissed with confident claims of, "no way - she'll be late". Uh-huh, guess who wasn't late.

Nicholas and Lauren are already making plans on how they will "help" with the baby and how they will play with her when they see her. Which is sweet. But I think they're envisioning a ready-made playmate like their existing cousins. We won't get to see this baby in person until Christmas, but it's going to be a very special holiday. We'll just pull up another chair - there is always room for another.

Awww! Congratulations! I just had a niece born last Friday morning. :) It's been a good week for baby girls!
I guess you need to get busy knitting something pink. Congrats on the new niece.
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