Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello Again

Testing, Testing - this thing on? Yes? Oh, well - hello again! It's been awhile. How are you? Good? Yes? Good! Me, too. What's going on, you ask? Nothing much. Just, you know, busy with life. Same 'ol, same 'ol. We're in a good routine, hitting our stride, and the days are just sort of flying by. Work is fine, other than the fact that my "boss" is behind in getting a check or two to me. Oh well, right? No biggie - I LIKE working for free. Really! And, of course, there's that thing with Lauren these days. You know, the whole "being almost 4 phase". Yeah, that one. She's pretty much living on my last nerve these days, but we'll get through it. She's just so stubborn and behaving like a world-class brat. Plus the whole constant movement thing and being just so physical all the time, it wears me down. She's constantly hanging off something, or climbing on something, or jumping on or off something (often both). And being just a little destructive, which is new and not very welcome. It's a good thing she's cute or I think I'd kill her. Did I tell you about the comforter art? No? Oh - this is a good one. 10 days ago or so I was working away and Lauren was playing quietly in her room. Big warning sign right there that I completely missed, this phase being relatively new and all. Friends were coming over later and it was time to pull the place together. I checked in on Lauren and discovered, to my horror, that she had taken one of my black felt-tip marker pens - the kind I like to use for work - and had scribbled all over her lavender comforter. Both sides. That's right. Mostly just random scribbles, but there were a few stick people drawn on there, too. I think I saw red I was so mad. She claims she was just trying to make her bed more pretty. Uh-huh. Pretty. Right. I didn't want the ink to set but there was no time to go to a laundromat before our friends arrived. So I stuffed the comforter into my machine, which was technically too small to handle something that big. I made Lauren sit on the naughty step, which is right near the laundry room, for the duration of the washing machine cycle to clean it. 35 minutes is a LONG time for a 3.5 yr old to sit on the step, but she did. She knew she was busted. The ink didn't come completely out, but good enough. She'll have to live with that "enhancement" for awhile because I'm not going to be buying her a new comforter, and it'll be awhile before I can muster up the gumption to make a duvet cover for it. That episode with Lauren was a real joy, I tell you. Between that, her continually locking the dog in her room, and her refusal to eat most of the foods I prepare for dinner, she's making me nuts. But, she's too adorable to stay mad at for long. Which is a good thing for her, I tell you. Nicholas is doing well and seems to be fully adjusted to school now. We have our parent-teacher conference tomorrow night. He no longer needs me to pick him up from school everyday and is back to riding the bus home, which is so much easier for us all. Soccer is going well, and he's loving his ballet classes. We're in a good stretch with him. Thankfully the kids seem to take turns in trying us.

So that's us. Nothing major, nothing serious. Just life in a good way. But not much to write about as I'm seriously lacking inspiration these days. Anyway, tell me how you are, what you have going for Halloween and all that. Let's catch up, shall we? I do miss you.

Brody got found a Sharpie while he was at my MIL's last week and "colored" all over one of his new winter outfits. I was so pissed! Then I found out he got her carpet and bedding. :)
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