Monday, October 01, 2007

A Couple Of Losses

What an exciting weekend we had! Mr. Chick became Mr. Mom and I got most of the weekend off from my usual duties. I joined a couple of girlfriends out for dinner and cocktails on Friday night - always fun. But before that there was quite the event that happened: Nicholas lost his first tooth! Oh boy, was he jazzed about it finally happening. He'd had a wiggly tooth since school started, but it took nearly the whole month before it was ready to come out. I think it was biting into an apple a couple of days prior that really did the trick. Then he just worked it. By the time he was home from school on Friday it was just hanging by a thread and was uncomfortable. He didn't want me touching it. I told him to keep wiggling it, and with each push and pull, go just a bit further each time and it would likely come out. That's all he needed to hear. He went to work on that tooth and amid just a few tears, he pulled/popped it out. All by himself! Man, the squeals he emitted were piercing! Then there was much flurry to find his tooth fairy pillow and ceremoniously deposit the tooth into the pocket amid speculation over how much the tooth fairy would be leaving for him (the tooth fairy left him $2 for his first tooth). Nicholas is excited to "show and tell" about losing his tooth in school today and having his name moved from the "No Lost Teeth" column to the "1 tooth lost" column on the chart they have in his class. This is a big deal.

It's a
mazing to me how things change. When your children are born, all gummy and toothless, you wait eagerly for their first teeth to emerge. And then you dread more coming because let's face it: teething sucks. But their faces are forever changed when their first teeth appear on the scene. And then a few years go by and suddenly you find yourself getting all excited for those same precious teeth to fall out. It's funny to think about. And their faces start changing all over again as their permanent teeth start growing in, much too big for their faces still, and likely crowded or crooked or both. Thankfully Nicholas has really generous spacing between his baby teeth so we're hoping there is plenty of room for his permanent teeth. Both Mr. Chick and I wore braces for several years and we're assuming our children will have inherited our jacked-up teeth, but we can still hope it'll be better for them.

One quick note about a non-loss this weekend: Nicholas scored 2 goals in his soccer game on Saturday. Woo-hoo! He was so thrilled to finally score in a game. He's settling into soccer now and we haven't had any upsets or bad attitudes about soccer in quite a few weeks. Nicholas is developing into a decent player - it's really fun to watch.

The other loss of the weekend was the Oregon Duck football team. Boo hoo! They played Cal here at home. I got to go to this game because Mr. Chick got to go to Michigan. ESPN GameDay was there, so the crowds were even more amped than usual. And crowds at Autzen Stadium are notoriously amped. It's the loudest stadium - or, at least one of the loudest - in the nation and other teams know it's hard to play at Autzen. Huge home-court advantage. I love Autzen Stadium! Anyway, I got to go to the game and tailgate with friends from law school, watch the game, cheer for my team, and have a great time. Eugene in nearly 2 hours away from where we live, so it's a full day to go to a game. I left at 8:30am and didn't get back home until about 8:30pm. Here's a picture of Lauren and I showing our "O" faces before I left. Go Ducks! Too bad we lost - we almost had it. We'll get 'em next game vs. WSU!

Hope your weekend was great!

Faith lost her first tooth 2 weeks ago. Boy, she was EXCITED and has shown EVERYONE the empty space "and I didn't cry or ANYTHING".
Lauren is really growing. Love the pics.
Oh man, I am NOT looking forward to Brody losing teeth. I get so queasy just thinking about it. No other kind of blood or gore bothers me, but GAH! Losing a tooth skeeves me out beyond words!
PS- Your Ducks may have lost, but my BYU Cougars won. WOOT! WOOT!
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