Monday, September 17, 2007

Hot Off The Needles

Well, it took me much longer than it should have to finish (working a PT job from home really sucks up a lot of hobby time!), but it's done and ready to be mailed off. I knit this sweater for the new baby of some dear friends - a boy - their 2nd child - named Jackson. And not a minute too soon, either, because Jackson decided to arrive early. Like 6.5 weeks early. By crash emergency c-section. But he's doing really well, given his early start. He weighed 5.5 lbs at just under 34 weeks gestation, and was breathing fine on his own almost from the start. He's nursing well, and should be coming home from the NICU this week. Yay! So I had to hurry up and finish the sweater this past weekend so I could ship it off to them. He won't be able to wear it right away, but come next fall, when they're living in Wisconsin, it'll be nice to have.

I made it using Cotton-Ease, which is the first time I've used this brand. I liked it! Good weight and feel. It was a simple pattern with a pretty little design at the hem and cuffs. It was all straight, flat knitting except for the sleeves, which were done with double-point needles. No seams - the body was done in one piece, flat - front and back together plus hood.

I have no idea what my next project will be - I've finished everything for all the babies in my world this year (4 baby projects and counting!). I'll probably start setting my sights towards Christmas gifts now... hmmm...

Enjoy your hobbies!

Wow you are so talented. That is a very adorable sweater and I'm sure he will get alot of use from it. I wish I could knit like you, my kids could have gotten some really special sweaters by momma when they were born. I can crochet but nothing too complex. I have made them a couple of simple pattern blankets though. :)
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