Monday, August 20, 2007

Scenes From A Weekend

How was your weekend? Ours was very fun and productive, thankyouverymuch. I love it when that happens, don't you? Saturday started out with me going to get my hair done - cut and color. Well, just a trim. But LOTS of color - it had been waaayyy too long since getting a much-needed touch-up and covering up my multiplying grays. yuck. And now? Fresh and new! And I'm not sure what my friend/hairdresser did with the trim, but my curls have responded fantastically! In fact, that night Mr. Chick and I got a sitter and went to a friends' 40th birthday party and more than a few people came up to me with a look of surprise on their face, exclaiming how they didn't recognize me and that it was something about my hair.... So, um, yeah. My hair and the fact that I actually got all dressed up with make-up and perfume and cute hair and looked hot vs. my normal schlumpy-frumpy appearance of no make-up and my hair in a ponytail. Perhaps THAT was the difference more than anything else? Hmmm..

After my hair appointment I was able to meet the family at the dance studio where Nicholas was having his first dance class of this mini-session. He wasn't the only boy - there was one other in the class - and he loved it. No fussing or complaining or freaking out going into it, as he is wont to do at the first of anything. Nope. Instead he just hovered close to Mr. Chick as the class was coming together and then just joined in, big smile on his face, and was fine. Parents weren't allowed in the room but you could occasionally peek in from an outside window, which we did to make sure he was doing ok. And he was - every time. He seemed to enjoy the barre and being able to watch himself and the others in the mirror. At one point they were galloping around the room to the music and he loved it. The teacher commented to us afterwards that he did great and was quite musical. So that's good. And after seeing the prices for ongoing classes there it's a good thing I took on this part-time job. Wow.

I already mentioned our e
vening out on Saturday. It was fun and I won rock/paper/scissors so I was able to have as many cocktails as I wanted and Mr. Chick was the driver. Good system. Most of the people there were folks I only knew as loose acquaintances at best except for my good friend Jen, and she had the cocktail pass, too. So we hung out together the whole night, enjoying our drinks and laughing. We don't get to connect often enough, so this was good for my girlfriend soul. Fun Fun Fun. Towards the end of the evening there was some dancing and even some karaoke, but I wasn't buzzed enough for either. Although I may have consented to running some of the Hood To Coast next weekend... (gulp) Mr. Chick has run it many times and was asked to run it again this year. Now he tells me the teams (there are two with this particular group) are down 2 runners and would I like to do it? Um, yes because it's fun and it would be cool to do it together (at least be in the same van), but it's next weekend and I'm not ready! Not to mention not having childcare set up for the 2 nights we'd be gone (my mother is having knee surgery that weekend and couldn't take the kids). But then it was suggested that perhaps I just take one of the legs - during the stretch in Portland - and help out that way. In my buzzed fog, I think I may have said yes to this plan. Which would be fun, I admit, but I worry I'm not a strong enough runner yet. They have the whole spectrum of runners on these teams - one chick who runs in the 6-min mile range - to others who are closer to 10-min milers. I'm probably in the low 9-min mile range. When I run on the treadmill I'm usually in the 8's, but that's a treadmill and it's easier than running on pavement. But my endurance isn't there for a whole HTC leg. I'm only doing 3 - 3.5 miles right now. Some of the legs go 6+. So, there's that. Which is why just running 1 of the 3 legs could actually be doable. We'll see what happens this week and if they'll need me.

Before the party, Mr. Chick and I started prepping the living room and dining room for paint. I taped off all the trim and he got to work filling holes and trying to improve a few places where there was some shoddy dry-walling and texturing. Lots of mud and sanding were involved (read: d
ust). But we got ourselves ready and on Sunday, we started.

It's a big space
we're painting. We spent the majority of the day on Sunday painting, and we're still not done with the first coat. There is still the high vaults to do, and then we get to do it all over again with a 2nd coat. I did the rolling, Mr. Chick did the cutting-in. The color makes such a huge difference! It takes some getting used to. It's darker than I envisioned, but that's ok. The best way to describe it is a rich golden camel color. But adding color to the space better defines it and gives it dimension. Before, it was nearly the color of the ceilings. And with the vaults, they sort of blended in together. Now with the color you can really get a sense of the height, which is cool. We got the kids in on the act - they soooo wanted to help paint! but only just a bit because, well, they're not exactly professional painters or anything and their techniques need some work. As does their level of detail. But they liked helping out. And when they weren't painting or watching us paint, they were playing with the Giga ball. Which I blew up for them on Friday. And it gave me such a headache to do, not realizing how enormous this thing this. But they love it. It should be played with outdoors in the backyard, but we have it in the playroom for now. And it takes up all the available space in there, I swear. But they love it.

So now the week begins and we're back to our normal routine. I have to decide if I'm up to painting a 2nd coat of paint by myself during the day or if I'll wait to work on it in the evenings with Mr. Chick. My hands - they are beginning to blister. Plus, I probably have some work to do with my job today and I don't want to pawn off the kids too much. And I should probably go for a run at some point, too, just in case I'm called into action.

MP- That color looks fantastic! What a chore to paint such a huge area though. How on earth are you going to get up high enough to get the vaults? I wouldn't have the first clue how to do that. :) good luck and I hope it doesn't take too long to get it finished. I go crazy with a half done project like that really fast. It just gets on my nerves. I'm sure you are better than that though. :)

Jen M
Wow, it looks great. Love the color.
I don't really enjoy painting but I believe it adds dimension and beauty to a room (if the color is not too crazy). I hope you will be done soon so you can enjoy it.

Getting your hair cut and colored is such a sweet treat! I have been thinking of doing the same for a very long time but can never find the right time. May we see a picture of you with your new hair?
I like the color! I'm sure it will look fabulo when you're done.
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