Thursday, August 30, 2007

In My Next Life I'm Coming Back As A Billionaire's Dog

I'm sure most everyone who keeps up with crappy pop culture (like me) knows by now that Leona Helmsley, the "Queen of Mean", left $12 million to her dog. Her DOG! And completely shunned 2 of her grandchildren. Which, fine: maybe those grandkids were horrible in her eyes and didn't deserve any cash. I get that. And I know she left the bulk of her billions to charity.

But still - a freakin' dog inherits $12 million??!!?? What could a dog possibly do with money? And, more importantly, what will happen to the cash after the dog bites it? Who was her crazy-assed lawyer who drew up this will and didn't question the whole "being of sound mind" part? Perhaps this was her passive-aggressive way of making some sort of point, although from what I've heard about this lady, there wasn't much "passive" about her.

If you were one of her family members, how pissed would you be? I'd rather have seen her donate every last red cent to charity, where it will be put to good use, than see her give millions to an animal. An animal shelter, yes, but a specific animal? NO.WAY. I just hope that's where the money goes once this dog, Trouble" kicks it.

Leona Helmsley was one crazy bitch.

I read this in the paper today. Crazy.
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