Monday, August 27, 2007

Childhood Rite Of Passage

While I busy trying to finish up the painting job in our living room (see post below), the kids were out front doing their best impression of being entrepreneurs. Nicholas begged me to have a lemonade stand, so I finally let him. Only we didn't have lemonade and had to substitute juice. Strawberry Kiwi juice, to be specific. Which I personally prefer to lemonade, unless it's a Mike's Hard Lemonade, of course. So Nicholas got busy making signs and I set up the table and made the juice. He made sure he was able to make change, just in case, and then waited for his first customer. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. We don't get that much traffic on our street. Which was a really appealing factor when deciding to buy the house, but it's a liability when you're trying to turn a profit by selling juice. Thank God for nice neighbors! Nicholas sold 4 cups to our next door neighbors in one fell swoop (a whole dollar!) and another cup to the neighbor across the street (25 more cents!). He was proud of himself for pouring the cups without spilling a drop, was happy with his earnings ($1.25) and wants to do it again. It was a nice time suck, so I'm pretty sure I'll let him.

The sign Nicholas made for his juice stand. "Juice. 25 cents per cup. Yummy". His penmanship is atrocious and I'm hoping 1st grade will improve that... writing is NOT his strong suit. Nor is spelling. I had to write out what he wanted the sign to say so he could then copy it. And he still made mistakes! :)

We made a bigger sign using chalk on the pavement. I wrote the "juice" part and Nicholas took command of making the arrows and the "25 cents" part you can't see here....

Business was a little slow....

Too cute. I had a few kool-aid stands "back in the day".
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