Monday, August 27, 2007

Before & After

I spent a fair number of hours up and down really tall ladders on Friday and got the painting job DONE! What a great feeling it is to have that project behind us. It only took us a week.... It was a royal pain in my tush, but we saved a bunch of money doing it ourselves and it turned out looking really great. What a HUGE difference! We liked the space before, but now? Now we love it!

We went from this: BORING and utterly lacking color and style.

To this: WARM and INVITING. Much better, yes? Well, I think so. Now I just need to change out the lights and get some drapes and I'll be set. Can you see that we left the pillars the soft white color? They go all the way up to the big beam that bisects the ceiling at the pinnacle of the vault - they're structural and are weight-bearing. The beam is painted the same white as the pillars and ceiling, so if we'd painted the pillars to match the walls - as they had been before, we'd have to paint the beam, too, which would have looked funky having a big gold beam bisecting the white ceiling. This way, it's a nice accent color, like the red. It's the same color as the walls that go up the stairs to the kids bedrooms, which you can see from the living room, as well as the color of the stairs going down to the playroom and garage. It's not completely random. And it matches the white couches, so it works.

Next up? Who knows. Probably the main hall bathroom, which is the kids' bathroom since it's the only one with a tub. It's small and ugly. And while I can't do much about the small part, the ugly I can fix. But probably not for a few more months yet.

That looks great, MP! I love the two colors together.
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