Thursday, July 05, 2007


It's official: I was offered and have accepted a part-time, work-from-home job. Yay me! I had to jump through quite a few hoops and pass a couple of "tests" to get the gig, but the offer just came through today.

I'll be working for a small-but-growing multimedia production company that focuses primarily on the Western lifestyle. Think rodeos, cowboys, and the like. The guy - the talent and my boss - does a syndicated radio show on rodeos and has another one focusing on horses. He's in pre-production for a new 30-minute Western cooking show that will air on local cable. I'll be helping with the marketing and sales. I'm the detail person to his Big Picture, creative side. I think it will be fun. And best of all, I can do it from home. He's estimating 10-12 hrs per week. Perfect for me and our family. I'll have to juggle just a bit this summer, but come fall, I can work while Nicholas is at school and Lauren attends her preschool. They shouldn't be too impacted by this job, and that was the goal.

And, he's paying me what I wanted. A fair rate for this job. I'm working as a 1099, Independent Contractor, so I'll have to cover my own payroll taxes, etc. Hence the need for a bit more per hour to make up for that. Plus, no benefits. But that's ok - we don't need employer-sponsored benefits (aka health insurance) right now. The kids and I have a private policy and Mr. Chick is covered by his employers. We're good there. Having a retirement plan would be nice, but this operation is small and it's just not something in the mix. My hope is that our family can continue to live off Mr. Chick's income and my little income can be put towards savings, investments, vacation, life insurance, and/or other such things. Just a little extra breathing room. I mean, at this point I think I'll be bringing in an extra $4500 (pre-tax, mind you) this year. Not much, but every little bit helps, right? And, I'm keeping my single weekly shift at the YMCA to boot. Can't pass up that free membership!

I'm excited. I was ready for something like this. Something a little more professional. I've not worked since Nicholas was born - 6 years - and haven't regretted being home with the kids. But now that Lauren is on the cusp of preschool, the time is right for something like this. And this ultra-part-time kind of opportunity doesn't come around very often. So I'm grabbing it and hoping to make the best of it. I will still be able to be MOM when the kids are home, and I'll have the flexibility to take them to their activities, get them from school if they're sick, volunteer in their classrooms, and generally do what I've already been doing. Plus make some money to help our family. A win-win, and I'm very pleased.

And maybe, just maybe, I can manage to get some tickets to a rodeo or two along the way. Or maybe an opportunity for kids to ride horses someday.

I'm proud of myself for landing this. I worked hard for it and I'm excited to have the opportunity to contribute financially to our family and still put my kids first. It just couldn't have worked out better. So far, that is.

I probably won't be blogging about my work as that is just too fraught with risk and danger (think: Dooce), but wanted to share my good news and let everyone know what's happening with me. I'll still be blogging, however, I enjoy it too much!

Way to go and congratulations. I am so happy for you. A lot of satisfaction in getting what you want. The job sounds perfect.
Part time, flexible, work from home jobs are nearly impossible to find and you should be commended for landing one!!
Way to go!
That's awesome news! Best wishes with your new job. It sounds perfect for you and your family!
Wow that sounds perfect! I, too, would love something like that. It seems to offer the best of both worlds! Congratulations!!!
Congrats MP!!! What a great opportunity for you. It sounds like this is exactly what you wanted to get your foot back into the door. Good job!!

That sounds great! I'm definitely a fan of part-time from-home jobs. With Lauren in preschool next year, finding the time shouldn't be too tricky, either.

We're surviving my first week with out-of-the-house work (while Dan's home for the summer). When my kids are a bit older, a situation much like yours sounds ideal.
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