Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter!

Well friends, I've not died or gone into hiding or anything. Nothing exciting or anything to worry about. I've just been hit with two different rounds of house-guests, each staying 2+ nights (right in the middle of a 3 night/4 day stay of my friend and her 3 kids, all bunking in my basement as they are between closing and vacating their house and taking possession of their new home and needed a way-station for a few days. I'm it.), working (which, wow - takes some getting used to!), and devouring the newest (and last - wah!) Harry Potter novel. Yes, I was a geek and bought it the day it came out, but I didn't have to stand in line all night in order to purchase it at midnight. I'm a fan, but not fanatical... I just had to hit the store for something else entirely and a whole pallet of books were just sitting there, no lines, so I got one. First one I've bought - I've read the rest through the library. In fact, I put my name on the hold list for this book at my library, but there were nearly 800 people on the list already. Figured I probably wouldn't get my hands on it that way until Christmas. And that's just too long.

Anyway, when I come up for air and have more time to actually blog again, I will. And I'll be talking about Harry because it's just.so.good!! J.K. Rowling is a genius, pure and simple. If you want to comment on the book, feel free to do so here - no spoiling because I've already finished it!

I know it's your blog, but please, when you talk about Harry Potter, warn us readers if there will be spoilers!!!!

I have the book, but no time to read it for about a month... is that sad or what??????

Thank you!!!
read it already and am SOOOO depressed. I finished it LATE at night after kids were in bed and can't believe it's over. Don't worry - NO spoilers here!- I'm only so depressed because it's over. No more Harry P books to llok forward to! After 10 yrs of semi-solid reading, what a sad, empty feeling.
ps not many mom's can id w/ this, by the way. Sort of embarrassing to be such a fan at this age.
MP- I've read the book already too. I finished it Sunday after it came out. I was too tired to pull an all nighter. I was very happy with how it ended. Look forward to you having more time to blog!

Jen M
You are alive! Glad to see you around again...
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