Friday, June 01, 2007

Our Inner White Trash

Lauren, my stubborn, charming 3.5 yr old daughter, had me in giggles the other day. You see, we've been having a week of very warm temperatures (80's and 90's) and earlier this week we went to the big fountain in our community to cool off. Afterwards, back at home, the kids weren't ready to call it quits with water-play so I set up the sprinkler in the backyard for them. Lauren, already dry from the fountain, decided she needed to change her clothes and take off her swimsuit. In the middle of this clothing change she heard her brother squealing with delight in the sprinkler and abandoned her clothing change efforts in order to immediately participate in the sprinkler. So this is how she ended up: ratty striped t-shirt, a current fave of hers that I can't stand anymore, thick training panties pulled from the back of her drawer, and rain boots.

Say it with me: white trash! Could she look more ghetto? But adorable white trash, if I do say so myself. When I caught sight of her I started laughing and j
ust had to grab my camera to capture this look. I figure I can blackmail her with these photos in the coming years. Won't her future boyfriends get a kick out of them?

On a separate note, but still Lauren-related, I took her to get her hair trimmed for the summer. Just a trim. I asked for an inch or so be taken off and bring her length back to chin level. Well, the lady must have gotten a bit carried away because she ended up taking closer to 2 inches off, bringing her length to just past mid-cheek (a very short bob - barely any length past her hairline in back), and she hacked her bangs so short! OMG! I usually like her bangs to be just above her eyebrows, not mid-forehead! This new 'do makes her face look even rounder and chubbier than it is. I'm not wild about it. But, it's just hair and the shortness will be fine for summer. But it's taking some getting used to, that's for sure. I don't think Lauren notices or even cares - when I asked her about getting her hair cut she said, "sure, like a boys!" She'd like nothing more than to have her hair look like Nicholas'. I like her hair on the shorter side, but that's a bit too short, even for me. I know she's a tomboy, but I want to retain just a little bit of girlie in her. Can't help it.

I just had the same bangs massacre with my Lauren (also 3, btw). The lady asked what I wanted her to do with the bangs, clean them up a bit? Yes. Just above the eyebrows, or shorter? Just above the eyebrows, please. I don't want her bangs to stop in the middle of her forehead. Yeah, thanks lady. I had originally planned to get both daughters' picture taken for a little Father's Day surprise. So, what is my plan B going to be???
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