Monday, June 25, 2007

And Now He's 6

Nicholas is 6! Wow. The Big Birthday Weekend is behind us - whew! Overall I'd say his birthday was a big success. One minor glitch, but otherwise it all came together nicely. Mr. Chick and I weren't thinking clearly when we invited some neighbors over for cocktails on Friday night, which meant the kids stayed up later than normal. Usually this would be no big deal - I mean, it's summer! Who cares! Stay up late! Except... it was the night before Nicholas' party, which meant he was excited and woke up early the next morning because OMG! Today's my party! I'm so excited! Who can sleep when my party is today! So... yeah. He was overstimulated and tired which equated to minor meltdown during the party (see "glitch" mentioned above). Kicked off by stubbing his toe in the locker room (after swimming, thank god), which turned his mood sour and morphed him into a whiny 2-yr-old instead of a strapping 6 yr old, who ended up crying when it was time to blow out his candle. But then he rallied and it all ended nicely. And then he napped. Which made the rest of the day tolerable for the rest of us.

The next day, Sunday, was his actual birthday. And because he
was now rested with the excitement of the party behind him, the day was a really, really good one. Mr. Chick let him decide what to have for breakfast and donuts were quickly decided upon. He took the kids to the local favorite donut shop while I wrapped his presents. Then I took Lauren with me to hang with some friends while Mr. Chick and Nicholas went strawberry picking. Fun for us all. Then I took the kids to Red Robin for a special birthday lunch which Mr. Chick went to the gym. Nicholas worked very hard reading 10 books and listing them on a Red Robin-sponsored reading list which then gives the child a free Kid Meal when it's completed. Nicholas was so excited to get his free meal for reading those books! He even went online to the Red Robin website to read the Kid's Menu and decide in advance what he was going to order for his lunch (spaghetti, in case you were wondering). And because it was his birthday he got a free sundae and several waiters sang to him. And balloon. Always balloons. He was in heaven.

That evening we had some family over for a BBQ to celebrate. Mr. Chick grilled up some steaks while my kids
played with their cousins. Once everyone had arrived we let Nicholas open The Big Gift: his Gameboy. Talk about excitement - ! He was over the moon when he saw what the package contained. Squeals of delight bubbled out of him and he couldn't rip into that package fast enough. And good news! The Gameboy was already charged up and ready to play! Like, now! Nicholas sat down immediately and started playing it like a pro. After dinner he got to open the rest of his gifts. Man, what a fortunate kid. Any concern I had about cheating him of gifts by doing a gift exchange at his party? Gone. He got PLENTY of gifts - no worries. In addition to the GameBoy from us he got 5 games and a backpack carrier from his Opa. That should keep him occupied for a long, long, LONG time. From my sister he got a new bike helmet and bell. From Mr. Chick's mother he received a kid digital camera (the toy one she gave him at Christmas has already crapped out. This one is better.) From another aunt he got a cool puzzle. From his Opa's wife he got....wait for it..... a huge Easy Bake oven. Yes, Nicholas has been wanting an Easy Bake for almost as long as he's wanted a GameBoy. And didya know it makes REAL food!? That kids can make! By themselves! Like, right now! That thing came with all the tools and gear and packets of powdered mixes to make Nicholas' head spin. He immediately decided he wanted to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies and my sister helped him set up. They plugged in, preheated, mixed and baked with Nicholas assuming the Head Chef spot. And those 4 teeny, tiny cookies were delicious, let me tell you. He ate one, split one for the two little girls (Lauren and cousin Elizabeth), and then gave one each to his boy-cousins. He'd put the cookies on a plate and handed them out like they were expensive crudites or caviar meant to be savored. I was cracking up at just how serious he was about the whole thing. And right now, this very minute, he and Lauren are downstairs doing their very best to cook up a batch of macaroni and cheese in the Easy Bake oven for their morning snack. They keep coming up here (or rather, should I say, Lauren keeps coming up here, sent on various errands by Nicholas the Boss, to get my help in acquiring such things as a mixing bowl or the 1/3 measuring cup or requests for cooking spray). He can't decide what to do first: play the Gameboy or cook something. He'll probably play the GameBoy AS he cooks something. And all before 10am. Aren't birthdays great?!?! Even Lauren picked up a few gifts as generous relatives didn't want to leave her out despite the fact that the day had nothing to do with her. She got an adorable Little Mermaid CD player and new CD to play in it, complete with headphones. Plus a new Dora puzzle, which she took no time to put together and master in seconds - all 24 pieces.

And now for the visuals:

I'm glad that the gift exchange worked out so well. Looks, and sounds, like Nicholas had a great birthday.
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