Tuesday, April 17, 2007


What happened at Va Tech is unimaginable and horrific. My heart aches for the victims and their families. I hope they're able to find some peace.

Posting about other, rather mundane, stuff of life seems somehow inappropriate in light of the tragedy. Besides, not much has been going on lately. And I'll take blandness over tragedy any day! The kids are good, I'm fine, and life is just sort of chugging along. I've been quite diligent about my Weight Watchers diet for the past couple of weeks and have seen about 3 pounds disappear. Encouraging, yes, but slow. Why does it seem that weight goes on overnight but takes eons to come off? Biological mystery, or perhaps just my warped sense of reality. But any loss is good and keeps me going. I'm now remembering what hunger feels like. I'm actually getting hungry before a meal whereas before I'd eat more to the clock than real physical need. I feel tummy rumblings and growls nearly everyday. Which is good because it means I'm using all of the food I'm eating and more and it's not going into "storage". I'm working out 3x/week minimum, doing 35-50 min. of cardio as well as weights. I've always been a consistent exerciser so this is not really new, but pairing it with healthy eating puts it in a new light. I'm working out harder now, it seems. More lunges, more sit-ups, more push-ups (if someone were to come to me and bark, "drop and give me 20!" I totally could. Even "real" push-ups, not just "girlie" ones.). I stand on a stability platform when I do my upper body. It's all good and I'm feeling strong. That's a good feeling.

I'll try to get back into a regular posting schedule this week. Sometimes, you just don't have much to say. And sometimes, that's OK.

"Posting about other, rather mundane, stuff of life seems somehow inappropriate in light of the tragedy."

i am confused, MP. why then write about your overweight struggle and dialogue b/w real and 'girlie' push ups? does that not fall under the definition of 'inappropriate'?

Yep, you're right. And thanks for taking the time out of your day to point that out. Snark is always appreciated.
I love trolls. Seriously, who takes the time to post shit like that? Get a life.

Congrats on the weight loss and working out. I need to start working out. We have all kinds of great paved walking/biking trails around us, but I have yet to take advantage of them.
Just because someone points out a blatant inaccuracy or wrong does not make them "snarky". I have no idea who posted that 1st message but will tell you that I had the same thought immediately upon reading yr post.
I mean, "WHAT????" You go from a short sentence re this tragedy (as though it had somehow affected you) to a deep delve into your weight struggles. I seriously thought it was a joke. Or that you had a point. Or something.
And then, because someone calls you on your insensitivity and idiotic post, you call them "snarky"? Can't you FOR ONCE take responsibility for your self and your writing and not just resort to offended name-calling once someone disagrees with you or calls you on yr $x^*%$#???

totally agree. that was lame.
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