Friday, April 20, 2007

Game Day

Last night was the 1st game ever for Nicholas' T-Ball team and it was just about the most adorable thing I've ever witnessed. Fidgety kids in the outfield, distracted kids on the bench, kids who can't throw and/or catch, and kids not knowing what to do with the ball once they got it. Fast runners, slow runners, big hits and not-so-big hits. We had it all. But one thing we didn't have: a meltdown. Hooray! It was a good day. There was no need to cajole, bribe, threaten, comfort or coddle. Just cheer for our team and watch the kids do their very best and have a great time. And what'dya know? We tied (because every player on both team scored 3 times. Not a single "out". I loved it.)

Here's Nicholas at his first "at bat". He's nervous but ready. Mama bought him a little pitching machine that afternoon so he could practice hitting and catching in the backyard and build his confidence. Let's hope it helps.

Ooooohhh, a swing and a miss. But! He stay
s with it and doesn't give up! You can do it, Nicholas!

YES! A hit! An honest-to-god hit. Off a real pitch and not the T! 'Course it didn't go very far, not even all the way to the coach-pitcher, b
ut hey! It counts! RUN! Atta boy. I'm so proud of you!

This will be my life twice a week for the next 2 months. I'm off to make the banner for the boys to carry in the procession of teams tomorrow during the Opening Day ceremonies. Did I mention I volunteered to be the Team Mom? Yeah... no one else stepped up so I did. I can make a snack schedule like a pro. It's the banner thing I'm unsure of. Thankfully, I volunteered in Nicholas' class today and was able to score a huge sheet of paper off those big rolls they have at schools. Now I just have to spend a few hours designing and actually making the banner. Ug. It's going to be a long afternoon. Thankfully, Nicholas was invited to play at the park this afternoon so I only have to entertain one child while I tackle this project.

Enjoy your weekend!

That is awesome! A great day makes for more great days. I want to see the banners.
Sounds like such a cool day. I've been trying to get Sam into t-ball but all the sessions appear to be on Tues/Wed -- and I work those days. I though T-ball would be an evening or weekend thing.

Hey would you be able to email me at I don't have your email and I have a question for you. I tried to post this last week but blogger doesn't like me. I hope this one works.
Ahhh. There's nothing cuter than a bat-wielding boy in a baseball uniform!
My husband coaches our 8 year-old's team this year, and I love to watch those games.
Best of luck with your banner!

(who found you during a random blog tour this afternoon)
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