Friday, April 06, 2007

From Concept To Creation

A few days ago I mentioned a knit/crochet project tote bag I had envisioned. An original design (I think!) optimized for functionality the way *I* like to knit and crochet. Since I couldn't find one pre-made and readily available I decided to make my own. So I did, and it's finished.

The first pic
ture shows the front of the finished bag. It's rough (I am SOOOO not a professional seamstress and it shows!) and boring, but I wasn't so much aiming for a polished look as much as a functional bag. I used a navy canvas (duck cloth) thoughout. Since the fabric was so boring and plain I thought I would use a coordinating thread so you could see the stitches and jazz it up. Big mistake - it just shows all my errors and inexperience. Oh well.

The 2nd picture shows the inside of the bag. You can see the pockets for patterns and long needles, etc. and the smaller pockets for crochet hooks, scissors, and the other smaller notions one needs when knitting or crocheting. The middle compartment is for yarn as well as your work-in-progress when you're not actively working on it. The two side compartments are used for the ball(s) of yarn you're currently using. They sit in there and are threaded through to the outside of the bag where you knit/crochet. The ball of yarn is therefore contained inside the bag. I made the hole through which it is threaded on the large side so you could have more than one yarn coming through at the same time. The sides of the bag unhook so you can then switch from having your project actively worked on from the outside of the bag to safely tucked into the bag for transport and holding. Get it?

The 3rd
picture shows a better idea of the functional side of the bag. The flap next to the hole is velcro so you can thread the yarn into the hole and secure it down as well as hook the entire side of the bag into place. I think I need a 2nd pair of clasps/hooks on the side - one doesn't seem sufficient to me. In this position you could set your bag on the floor next to you in swimming lessons and knit while the kids are in the water without your bag being open for the world to see (and possibly help themselves to). Or at the park on the bench next to you as the kids play. When it's time to go you simply unhook/unflap the side, tuck your project back inside the bag, and you're on your way. Easy!

So that's my bag! I'm calling it my Project Knitting Tote On The Go. For people who aren't content to keep their knitting at home. All you knitters/crocheters out there - what do you think? If you can get past the ugliness of the bag, what do you think of the idea? The functionality? The cosmetics could always be addressed/changed/improved - this is but a first prototype for my own personal use. Would welcome all feedback, so speak up!

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