Friday, March 09, 2007

Speech Progress Already

Today is a no-school day (teacher workday) so I took the kids to a "special" lunch after running a bunch of errands. And by "special" I mean Panda Express, Nicholas's favorite (that kid can eat a huge plate of steamed rice and orange chicken all by himself. Like the quantity of most adults. I don't know where he puts it, I swear!).

While we were having our lunch I was quizzing Lauren more about her first speech therapy class she had yesterday. Sometimes it can take a day or two before details are forthcoming, I've discovered, when it comes to my kids. It's like they need the extra time to just process stuff, and then BAM! Various details come pouring out of them. Anyway, I digress.... so Lauren was telling us about the "game" they played - tic tac toe (pronounced perfectly - yay!) and how she blocked someone when she played. Cool, great, whatever - let's hear about any sounds you had to practice. She drew a complete blank. I asked because the "homework" they sent home with her was a tic tac toe game with the pieces being wedges of cheese and slices of pizza, and the notation of various pronounciations of "K" (kay, key, cue) on the various game pieces. So I was thinking the kids had to try to pronouce one of those sounds when they played that piece and was asking Lauren if that was the case. Nope, she said, slightly bewildered.

But then, out of the blue, she sticks her finger in her mouth to hold down the tip of her tongue, and goes on to repeat "kay, key, cue" clear as day. OMG! This child hasn't been able to make the "K" sound at the beginning of words and suddenly she learns a little trick - holding down her tongue so that she makes the sound at the back of her palate instead of the front (before she would say "tar" instead of "car") like it's the most natural thing in the world to do. Like, duh! And so simple, when you think about it, that I'm sort of amazed I hadn't thought of it. I guess that's the difference between a trained speech therapist and a fumbling parent.

I am thrilled, overjoyed, and downright impressed as hell that she learned this very simple thing which clearly helps her. And on the first day, no less. For some reason I thought the progress would be slow going and subtle, and it might get like that as we go on, but I'll take my progress as I can get it. It'll just be a matter of practicing this technique over and over before she learns how to use her tongue properly to make the sound and will no longer have to stick her finger in her mouth. But I'd say we're off to a roaring start - go Lauren!

That is awesome. It is amazing what the experts know in almost everything. I thought I knew it all...oh well... I need to ask you a question too. Will you email me,
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