Monday, March 05, 2007


I'm sick - poor me. First real cold of the season so I can't complain too much. But during my cold med-induced haze this weekend I looked at my upcoming schedule this week and felt a headache coming on. Any maybe a little nausea too. But compared to many people, it's not so bad. But to me? I'm going to be spending a lot of time in the car this week and glancing at my watch to make sure I'm keeping up with all I have to do and places I have to be.

Today I'm meeting a woman who's intereted in having me knit and crochet the bodice for a girls dress she wants to market. That's from 10-10:30am (a project job? That'll pay me for my hobby? cool!). Then I have to rush home so I'm here in time for Nicholas and his friend to get off the bus. Yes, we're hosting a little playdate with a girlfriend from school. So sometime this morning, before my meeting, I have to tidy up the place just a bit because there won't be time later and at some point this girls mother, who I've never met before, will be coming over to pick her up. Don't want to have a trashed house for that. And oh yeah, manage to shower, too. After the playdate I need to pack dinners and snacks for the kids and drive to the doctors office - totally on the way to nowhere - to pick up Lauren's immunization records for speech therapy. Then we're off to the YMCA for my 4 hr shift from 4-8pm. I'm hoping Mr. Chick can come get the kids before 8pm so they can get in bed closer to their normal bedtime and prevent disaster tomorrow morning. But with his late hours, who knows?

Tomorrow I'm at the YMCA in the morning for a workout and we have Spanish in the afternoon. An easy, normal day schedule-wise.

Wednesday is much like today. I work in the evening again.

Thursday is my new juggling act because Nicholas still has Spanish class in the afternoon, but now Lauren has her speech therapy class as well. And they overlap. And they're not located conveniently near each other. We have to drive 15-20 minutes to drop Lauren at her class at 2pm. Then drive back to get Nicholas to Spanish by 2:30. Then I return, again, to pick up Lauren at 3pm, and then come back once more to pick up Nicholas at 3:30. And then I'll drive home and mix a strong drink and take a nap after all that. Thankfully we only have to keep up this insane schedule for 3 weeks and then I think we'll be done with Spanish for a bit. We'll probably go back to swimming lessons or something, but at least I won't be shuttling back and forth in my car so much. And oh yeah, I'm scheduled to work out in the morning while Nicholas is in school.

Friday - I have something going on Friday but it's escaping me now. I might be working in Nicholas's classroom that day... But on Saturday we're having some friends over for dinner, so I need to figure out what we're having and get ready for that at some point.

Saturday and Sunday - in addition to the dinner party, we have two kids birthday parties over the weekend. One for a set of twins (twice the presents, sigh) and one for my nephew. So I need to squeeze in some shopping for presents into my week as well.

Did I mention I'm not feeling well? That my ass is dragging and all I really want to do is be a couch jockey? I'm sure this lady this morning is going to want me to get started on her project sooner rather than later, so my evenings will be spent working on her thing. I'm tired before I even get started on my week. How do you working (for a company who pays you) moms do it?? How does anything get done?

I hope I survive.

Working mom's just suck it up. Get through the day and start again tomorrow. My male employer doesn't care about my sick child or childcare issues or what not.
As long as it's not going to ruin his stock options he doesn't care.
Oh yeah, his wife is a SAHM.

SAHM is the toughest job. I look at it and feel overwhelemed. Atleat with working we get paid days off. Good Luck
What Jen Taurus least we can get some paid sick leave (if your job has that perk built in, that is!)
I think all moms have hard jobs, whatever they do. It's not easy juggling the responsibilities of parenting and the other things moms chose to pursue.
Crossing my fingers for you, MP, that you'll feel much better tomorrow!
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