Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Art Of Exaggeration, 3-Year-Old Style

Lately, Lauren has been peeking ahead in her life to her adolescence and practicing some of the angst we'll get to enjoy down the road. And by that I mean exaggeration. Boy-howdy, does she exaggerate! She's no longer content to just tell me she doesn't like something. No. Now she must dramatically throw her hands up in the air and declare, "but Mama, I don't love that!" (pronounced in her own unique way, so it comes out sounding like "but Mama, I don't luff dat!"). It's like she's starring in Gone From the Wind or something, I swear. All the theatrics! The head roll. The overly exaggerated shoulder-slump. The pouty shuffle. All that's missing is the back-of-the-hand-to-the-forehead gesture of weariness. That'll probably show up soon.

"Lauren, we're going to see Anne today!"

(shoulder-slump/heavy sigh combo) "but Mama! I don't luff her! I don't wanna play wah Anne!"

As she's stomping off in a huff when I've turned the TV off: "I don't luff you anymore, Mama! You not my friend!"

After Nicholas wrongs her somehow, "Nicholas! You not coming to mah berday pahty! Hmmph!" followed by a fist bang on the table or something along those lines, you know, for emphasis (that seems to be serious currency around these parts - the allowing attendance to ones birthday party. Big stuff.)

After taking a required bite of (insert disliked food here): "That's it! I no eat (distasteful food) evah again. Nevah evah again!) said with her arms defiantly crossed and a big frown to make her point.

After seeing the outfit I picked out for her to wear: "No Mama - I don't luff those clothes! I pick out my own clothes!"

After being told she must wait 5 minutes for her turn on the computer: "But Mama! Dats SO LONG to wait!"

Yep, she's got the diva thing down. Much angst. Much overly dramatic exaggeration in not only speaking but in body language to boot. Most of the time I have to surpress giggles because it's pretty funny to watch her.

Between Nicholas's declarations of, "This is the worst day EVER!" from time to time, and now Lauren adding her own special blend of drama to the mix, I'm surrounded by Drama Queens.

Think I should get them both involved in childrens theater? Channel these dramatic tendancies somehow? Or maybe I'll bust out the video camera and film their theatrics and then use it as blackmail when they're older. Maybe it can be an audition tape someday.

In my own (limited) experience, all 3 of my children have had (or are having) similar dramatic tendencies! It is funny, and very hard not to just burst out laughing. Good luck capturing it on camera. Good stuff to show to her future husband at the wedding! LOL.
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