Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Don't you just love it when you get on a roll and get a million things done?? That happened to me this weekend. Love it! Mr. Chick was out of town attending the internment services for his grandfather at Arlington National Cemetary (full burial honors - impressive!) and I was home for 4 full days with the kids. And yet, despite my single-parent status, I managed to:

a) Finish grouting the tile floor in the kitchen. Several hours of work on my knees.

b) Prep and paint (2 coats) the kitchen and back hallway. I went with a rich sage green color and it looks totally great! Sort of a bold color that completely changes the look of and updates the kitchen. Now I don't hate my cabinets anymore. Painting the kitchen involved very tall ladders to reach the high points of the vaulted areas, climbing all over the counters like a monkey to reach the parts above the cabinets, and cutting in like a beeotch around all the various beams where they hit the upper walls and all along the cabinets. Pictures to follow soon because damn! It looks good.

c) Hang
a curtain panel in my bedroom. Been wanting to do this since moving in. There is no door from the bedroom into the closet/bathroom area so every morning when Mr. Chick gets up and heads for the shower the lights, while not shining directly into my eyes, lighten up the room enough to be annoying. So a light-blocking curtain to go across the entryway has been on my list, but I didn't want to buy the supplies until I knew what we would ultimately be doing in that room decor-wise (I pretty much hate what we have in our bedroom - needs a complete make-over STAT. I'm still using the dresser I had as a child for chrissakes! Call Trading Spaces or something, please!) I don't know why, but I totally forgot that I already HAD a black wrought-iron rod with finials, a single navy blue tab-top panel from 2 houses ago, and even a tie-back holder thingie. I completely spaced it until I remembered it in a dream I had. Bizarre, I know, but it all came back to me in my sleep and I awoke with a brainstorm and had that bad boy installed before breakfast. MUCH better. And I'll just change the panel to something that matches what we end up doing in that room when the time comes. In, like, 5 years.

d) Squeezed in a great workout - ran hills, people! (granted, hills on a treadmill aren't quite the same as actually going out and running real hills, but give a girl credit where credit is due)

e) Did the big Costco run

f) washed the car (ok, *I* didn't wash the car, opting to take it through a car wash (found a free coupon - weee!) but still - the car is clean and it happened on my watch.)

I think that's most of it. I'm a wee bit tired. Mr. Chick is home and it's nice to have him back. I don't like sleeping alone. Today is Lauren's 2nd speech evaluation for articulation. She just missed qualifying for early-intervention (under 3) so we're back again now that she's 3. It took months to get this appointment. We'll see how it goes. She's actually made some progress lately and is showing improvement, so I'm guessing we'll just miss qualifying again. We might end up having to go the private speech therapist route. Wish us luck!

Hope you have a productive day! They're great when they happen.

Wow. I'll play with the kids if you can tackle my mountains.

I hope everything goes well for Lauren. I am out of the early childhood loop, but the speech developement seems to be a hot topic these days.

Has it snowed there? It's mighty cold here in the deep south.
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