Thursday, January 18, 2007

Idol Disappointment

American Idol is back - Season 6. Has anyone else been watching these past 2 nights? The auditions? Normally, in past seasons, I've enjoyed this part. The bad singing, the strange people that come out of the woodwork. But this time? This season it feels..... I don't know..... deragatory or something. Mean-spirited, maybe. Like they went out of their way to trot out the saddest sacks and then overtly make fun of them. It felt so wrong.

The lowest moment for me came near the end of last nights' episode and those two guys who made friends with each other. One was, um, unusual looking - Ken? Was that his name? And the other was a big guy. They made an odd pair, for sure, but the way they ran that sequence about them - the way it was edited - really seemed to make fun of those guys. And then Simon's comment about Ken's (let's call him Ken - I can't remember if that's his name and it's making me crazy!) big eyes that make him look like a monkey or bush baby. I think he said bush baby. How snarky! It's one thing to think it - it's quite another to voice that sort of criticism right to a persons face. There were more constructive ways to tell him he didn't have the right look. And has anyone else noticed that with the worst of the bunch - pretty much most of the people who's auditions we were shown - there isn't a lot of music critique'ing going on? Beyond telling them that music isn't their strong suit and how awful they are, I mean. And why aren't we shown people who were pretty good, but not quite good enough to make the cut? And then telling them how they can improve? Offer suggestions on what would make them sound/present better. I don't know - give us SOMETHING other than bashing.

Maybe it's just me, but this time around it really did seem that the producers/editors went out of their way to take advantage of people and be downright hurtful. Granted, lots of people show up to audition, knowing they suck, just to be outlandish and make a statement of some kind. Perhaps their whole goal is to just be part of this parade of the worst. But some of them? Some of them truly wanted this and gave it their best shot. To be so cruelly crushed and then have the judges laugh about them behind their backs is just mean. I think Paula is just as bad as Simon in that department. She comes across as nicer to your face, but once they leave (through the RIGHT door - gah! Wouldn't it seem that putting up a sign telling people which door is unlocked would have made things easier???) she was just as bad as he was laughing about the people. Doesn't she realize they're likely going to SEE this and SEE what she did??

I think it's sad that this is what passes for entertainment. Shame on you, American Idol. You can do better.

Apparently you aren't the only person that has the same opinion of this season of American Idol. Read the following.

I agree with you...however, the bush baby? I seriously laughed so hard I nearly fell off the couch! (blushing)
I missed most of both shows, hoping to catch up next week though!

Love AI in the past!
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