Thursday, December 21, 2006

37 Is The New 26

Today is my birthday - Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!! 37 short years ago I was born, my parents first baby, and quite a Christmas gift indeed. They brought me home from the hospital on Christmas Eve in a big red stocking. I can barely claim to have been born in the 60's, but yet by 10 days, I can. 1969, baby - whooppee!

37 seems sort of like a "nothing" age. It's not monumental. It's not a milestone as far as I can tell. It's definitely middle-age sounding. Suddenly, 40 doesn't sound that old anymore. Strange... but alas, here I am celebrating my 37th birthday and so far, it's off to a good st
art. Not spiked eggnog for breakfast good, but good nonetheless.

A couple of weeks ago my parents gave Mr. Chick and I a new digital camera and photo printer for our collective birthdays. yay!! We've been wanting/needing one for so long. Now I need Santa to put a fat memory card in my stocking so I can store more than 12 pictures on my new camera, but that's another occasion.

Two of my sisters gave me workout clothes, which I desperately needed. We had a little soiree for my mothers birthday over the weekend and they gave me my gifts then. So
it's sort of like I've been celebrating my birthday for days and days (not a bad thing!) I'm not sure whether to be happy or pissed that the jog bra (size L) I was given is too big. Happy because hey! a large is too big! Or pissed because of what that says about my aging boobs. I'm not going to think too hard about it. My other sister included a swimsuit in her gift to me, which is quite daring of her. I mean, to give someone a swimsuit? That they haven't tried on? It's just fraught with risk and danger. But I love her for it because it's a size 10 (!) and is a really cute, sporty Nike one-piece for playing at the lake and possibly lap swimming, which I love to do (damn the YMCA for keeping their lap lanes too hot to accommodate the geriatric crowd and swim lessons and making it uncomfortable for lap swimmers like me!). I've not been brave enough to try it on yet. Maybe after a few spiked eggnogs.

Then this morning, my actual birthday, Mr. Chick made the coffee and got Nicholas to make me an adorable card with lots and lots of hearts all over it, and had the kids bring me two gifts to be opened in bed, where all birthday presents should be opened. First was the kick-ass CD of Boston's Greatest Hits (LOVE the song More Than A Feeling!) one of my favorite CD's that I didn't have yet but totally wanted, and the other present was a new Nike watch. I completely knew about the watch (that's what happens when your friends who can shop at the employee store drop it off at your house by handing it directly to the intended recipient - oh well.) but am stoked to get it because I so needed a new watch. My old Nike watch saw me through both kids as babies and all the night feedings, etc. plus the marathon I did back in 1999. I never took the thing off - I slept with it on, I showered with it - everything. It was a part of me. And when the band finally broke last spring, I felt lost without it. It's nice to have a new one. A new fixture and timepiece. Now I'll no longer be that annoying person who's always asking what time it is. Everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief.

As for plans for my birthday, nothin' much. I'll be spending some time on my knees today (get your filthy mind out of the gutter) grouting the new tile floor in the kitchen. Oh what fun. Later tonight, after dinner, I want to go to ZooLights with the family for some festive fun and then come home and enjoy the homemade apple pie Mr. Chick made. I'm not much of a cake person, but I love me some apple pie. Since I was about 9 I've always had an apple pie for my birthday instead of cake. It's my thing. Mr. Chick got all the ingredients he needed for the pie last night and spent some time peeling and slicing the apples so they're ready for the pie making later today. That's love, people. Having your husband make you an apple pie for your birthday from scratch is love. And I'm feelin' it today.

So yes, I'm officially 37 today but don't feel a day older than 26. I might not get carded much anymore, but I think I'm holding up well. If pushed, I think I could even pass for 26. So there! I can even still fit into some of the clothes I wore when I was 26. They might be a bit tighter in places, but I'm just happy I can get them on. THAT'S a gift. I'm not sure I should still HAVE clothes I wore when I was 26 still in my closet, though. Fashion queen I'm not. But they're classic pieces, I swear!

Just like me.

Let me be the FIRST on your blog to wish you a very Happy Birthday. It may not be a milestone birthday but it sounds pretty kick ass so far to me.
And so, in honor of your birthday, I will pop MY Boston CD in and listen to "Party" in honor of your birthday and maybe later, even have a drink.

Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday, I hope you day continues to be wonderful.

Merry Christmas,
kim j
Happy Birthday!!
Sounds like a great day! Happy Birthday from another1969 baby :-).
Happy Birthday! I think it's great that you always have apple pie for your birthday. I always have pumpkin made from scratch by my mom. Oh, yeah. Did I mention that my birthday is in May? LOL.

Birthdays are for celebrating however you want to. And it sounds like you are having one helluva time. Enjoy!!
Happy Birthday, MP!
Happy Birthday!!! I love Boston too. Hey, we're not old:) Boston is now retro.
Happy Belated Birthday, MP! You share it with two other VERY COOL CHICKS in my life (sil and neighbor). xxoo ~ Nino
Happy Bday MP!!!!!!!

I turn 31 pretty soon and I keep saying 31 is the NEW 21.
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