Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Craigslist.org is my new best friend. Have I mentioned that before? Well, I'm digging it. Yesterday, a quick look revealed a post in my town asking for young boys who wear shoe sizes of 13 or 3.5. Nicholas wears a size 12 or 13, depending on the shoe. This posting was saying they needed kids to test these new shoes for a few weeks, share your opinions of the shoe, and get paid $25 for your effort. Now, I recognize that $25 isn't much money, but it's a Christmas present, if nothing else, and every little bit helps. Plus, Nicholas will get to wear some new shoes for a bit and give his everyday sneakers a much-needed break. He pretty much wears the same shoes every.damn.day, so they're already showing some hard wear after just a couple of months.

So I called. They asked me to come down and get him fitted. We went. The shoes fit fine.

They're cool-looking basketball shoes, which strikes me as sort of funny because Nicholas is on the short side for his age and has never played basketball. He's never worn basketball shoes nor has he ever asked to. But he's excited about his "borrowed" shoes. They're black leather with white accents and little hints of red here and there. Semi-hightop, lace up shoes. From Converse. That's about all I can say about them because we're sworn to secrecy. This is top secret stuff we're doing, apparently. Only a small trial run of these shoes were made for testing, and based on the surveys and analysis of the wear patterns, changes will be made before full production and roll out of these shoes.

We have to wear them for only 3 weeks, and we don't keep the keep then when we're finished with the test period. I'm not exactly sure how much wear and tear there will be after just 3 weeks, but whatever - it's their test. We're not supposed to be "careful" with them. Wear them just as we would regular, everyday shoes.

Nicholas was pretty excited to wear his new shoes to school today. He commented to me just before getting on the bus this morning whether Bus Driver Don would notice them (he didn't). He fully understands that he doesn't get to keep them, but that what he thinks about them is important. After he tells "the people in charge" what he thought about the shoes, they'll make "thousands" of them for other kids. That is big stuff in his eyes. I'm giving consideration that Nicholas should get the $25 after the test and use it to buy a present or two for Christmas. Something he could pick out for Lauren, maybe. He IS doing all the work, after all.

So all of you out there with boys - keep on the lookout for new black basketball shoes from Converse coming to a store near you in the next couple of months. Then think of us - we had a hand in making sure they are good, solid, comfortable shoes for your sons.

Hi, I love Craigslist! I live in Eugene. After reading your post I tried to find the post you were talking about on craigslist, but was not able to. Don't you live in the Willamette Valley also MP? I have a boy who wears size 13, and thought I'd give it a try. I think it's a great idea to let him keep all, or at least most of the money. Could you please direct me to the post you found when you get a chance? Although if the town you live in is really far from Eugene, we would not be able to participate. Take care.
Leslie, I found the posting under "Portland" craigslist. I think it was either the "ETC" or "part-time" categories. It said something like $boy shoes$ as the header/subject. The research company doing the test (OMNI Research) is located in Multomah Village in SW Portland, but they told me they were under some tight timelines in general and only handing out 10 pairs of shoes in each size.

good luck!
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