Monday, November 06, 2006

Get The Vote Out

I'm not going to stand on my soapbox and try to tell or convince you how you should vote in these elections, but I WILL tell you that you MUST VOTE. Period. There is NO EXCUSE for not voting. None. You have to live in a cave on a deserted island to not see/hear a gazillion political ads on TV and radio. You have heard the arguments for and against the various measures for months now. You surely have an opinion, even if it's semi-uninformed and based strictly on biased advertising. Right??!!! Not to mention, we live in a democracy, and that requires a little effort from you to work.

Here in Oregon, I would wager that most people vote by mail. And that makes it EVEN EASIER to vote. No going to the polls. Simply voting in the comfort of your own home in your own time (hopefully BEFORE ballots are due, of course.) It took me less than an hour to sit with the fat voting pamplets (more like books) and read the summaries of the measures/candidates and the arguments in favor and in opposition. So what are you waiting for?? GO VOTE!

PS: (getting on soapbox momentarily) In Oregon, I strongly urge you to vote NO on most of the measures. NO NO NO! The only one that warrants a yes vote is the one about prescription drugs. Otherwise, shoot 'em all down. They're all bad news for Oregon. Vote for whichever candidate you like for govenor, judges and reprentatives - I'll not make a case for anyone specifically. But the measures? VOTE NO! (stepping off soapbox now.) Thanks.

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