Monday, November 20, 2006

Bendy and Strong

Today was Lauren's first ever gymnastics class at the YMCA. There were just 2 little girls in the class today: Lauren and the instructors daughter, also 3 years old. Lauren was given a sparkly leotard for her birthday in anticipation of this class, and she wore it proudly today (although, my tomboy daughter firmly told me, in no uncertain terms, that she did NOT like the sparkles. At least I don't have to get up to my eyeballs in princess and Barbie crap this Christmas, right?)

I was the lone observing parent, but I was enthralled watching Lauren. She was so damn cute I was nearly bursting out of my skin. The teacher had the girls sit on these little circles for stretching, and Lauren was just beaming. Smiling the whole time, just happy to have a teacher and eager to play. Of course, I had to act as an interpreter a couple of times when Lauren would say something random and the teacher couldn't understand her, but that's a different story. ("I have sparkles on my pants", which sounded like "I hah partles on mah pants", and making the Spiderman web-slinging fingers out of the blue and announcing "I was Spiderman for my birthday", which sounded more like "I wah Piderman for mah birday". I could be confusing to the uninitiated of Lauren-speak.)

Lauren did a decent job of listening to her teacher and doing what was asked. They practiced sommersaults, forwards and backwards. They did some jumping and balance stuff. Lauren was giddy and couldn't stop hopping or jumping or simply moving. But she was able, despite her body being constantly in motion, to balance a bean bag on her foot and go from a sit to a stand without it falling off. And she could walk across the mat with the bean bag on her head without it dropping. Pretty good, I'd say! They got to dance with some ribbons, which she enjoyed very much, and did a few things on the high bar - mostly hanging from it. Which is where Lauren excels - in strength stuff. She's freakishly strong. She could jump up and grab the bar and then just hang there like it was no big thing. Sometimes dropping one hand and dangling from the other only to then re-grab the bar like she's a born monkey. And I wish I had her ab strength - she could be hanging from the bar and then just lift her legs and hold them up like she was sitting down instead of hanging from a bar. It was impressive.

Lauren is such a sweet little girl. She's fearless and will try just about anything (other than most foods, that is). She's eager to tell you things that are important to her, and usually has a smile on her face. And when she's not happy, it's usually short-lived. Tomorrow she starts a new session of swimming lessons, having advanced to the next level. My little fish. I'm doing what I can to channel some of her energy and let her experience fun new things. She's a very willing spirit so we'll keep going for as long as we can.

All in all I was very happy with this little gymnastics class. It will be good for her. It's not fancy or sophisticated, but it doesn't need to be: she's only 3. This is something just for her - nothing her brother is doing also. Just Lauren. And I'm relishing it. I love watching her. Her little body is so perfect and strong. Watching her try something new and not be scared to fail is very cool. Watching her be brave is very cool. Watching her look to me for reinforcement is almost magical. It just struck me that she's so young and trusting right now but won't be for long. I need to really pay attention and soak it up now. And I am. I really am. I loved how she would give me a exuberant thumbs up from across the room after she did something. I loved how she looked very proud of herself after she did something new and earned praise from her teacher. And I especially loved how she gave me a big hug when class was over and held my hand as we left the gym all the way until we got to the car.

She's a sweet, sweet girl and I'm very lucky to have her. My bendy and strong daughter.

Aww, that was so sweet. I remember my mom picking me up from swim practice and being so excited to hear all about it. These years are special
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