Thursday, October 05, 2006

Shamelessly Showing Off

It's been awhile since I've posted any recent pictures of the kids (note the baby pic of Nicholas a post or two ago. Yeah, real current.) We're still without a functional digital camera, you see, and dragging out the bulky 35mm with zoom lens just doesn't happen very often. Nevermind actually getting the film developed. But last week when our guests were here quite a few photos were taken (they're picture-taking whores), and a few have been emailed to me. Yay! New pictures of the kids (and a few of me that I'd rather not look at, but whatever.) And so I'll now proceed to shamelessly post pictures of my kids. You can finally see Lauren's new haircut (my little tomboy), how long my hair is getting (oh my - it's quite out-of-control these days), and how hot Mr. Chick continues to be. A visual feast for all.

cute pics, I love love love the haircut!
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