Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ode To My Dog

We adopted you as a pup
Just a baby, our first
We lavished you with affection
And thought you're a mutt
we deemed you doggy perfection

We went on walks and runs
and to the dog park to play
Life was so good -
surely it would always be this way?

But then we had Nicholas
and you got demoted
There were fewer walks now
so you got fat and quite bloated

The Lauren came along
and it was like you didn't exist
Screaming kids, tired mom, left alone all day
"I know I'll find my place if I simply persist"

You shed and your breath really stinks
You whine all day long
and you eat food left in the sink
You only sometimes listen and don't come when we call
I often ask myself why we still have you at all

You deserve better than the family we are
Who so rarely takes you for walks
or rides in the car

But despite all your flaws and annoying doggy habits
I can't help myself - I still love you, damnit!
We should pet you more and show you we care
But instead we ignore you and bitch 'bout your hair

Your tail never fails to wag when you see me
The kids aren't always gentle, but you're as patient as can be
You're my home security system - your barks are my alarm
We hope the burglars don't see past the barks to your charm

I've been saying I wish to be pet-free
But I don't really mean it, not really, you see
Because I would miss you and all your doggy ways
Even though my house would stay cleaner for days

But you wouldn't be here to follow me around
And watch over us as you sleep on the ground
I'd miss your cute face and your loyal heart
And your sad little eyes whenever we're apart

So keep on being the Abby that we love
And continue to come back to us no matter how hard we shove
Because though we don't show it as much as we should
You're part of the family, and miss you we would

How funny this is exactaly how I feel about our dog. Except she eats from the garbage when she is mad at me. You know for not taking her on a car ride. She also likes to carry it all the way across the house to the family room, you know the room with BRAND NEW CARPET!! But I love her still. good to see you writing again.
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