Friday, October 20, 2006

Nightingale Chick

We are the house of sick. That's where I've been all week - home, ministering to the sickies. First, Lauren and her croup. She was only under the weather for the first night I was home and seemed fine during the day symptom-wise, but disposition-wise? Well, she acted like she was off. Extra clingy and wanting to be held A LOT. Which I sort of like, but she's 35 lbs of solid child and even though I'm doing some weight training, she's no match for me. Ug. Then Mr. Chick came down with it and has been sick at home for the past two days. I didn't get more than 10 minutes of time on the computer when he was home. I know he's not feeling well when he folds his adult man body into the tub. He only takes baths when he's sick, and he spent a LOT of time in the tub in the past 48 hrs. He'd fully fall asleep in there, snoring to rattle the walls. He's back at work today, but he's not 100%.

And this morning Nicholas woke up with chest congestion. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Which brings us around to me. I'm not sick (yet), but I must confess to you, dear Internet, that I'm STILL bleeding, albeit very lightly, from the miscarriage. Whatever the meds were they gave me to help induce the m/c really f'd me up. I think I've had all of 7 days flow-free since early July. That's right: 3+ MONTHS OF CONTINUAL BLEEDING. I think I'm due a break, don't you? Every time I've called the dr's office to inquire about this, um, abnormality? they've told me that it's not completely uncommon to bleed/spot for up to 2 months. Ok. I hit the 2 month mark and kept on going. So I called again. They said to continue with the ibuprofen every 4-6 hrs. That wasn't really doing much, but since I've never run a fever, there wasn't much to be done. Well, finally, I've had it. Wouldn't you? So I called and asked to be seen. Of course, since it's not an emergency the appointment was scheduled pretty far out and I don't even get to see my primary care doc, but I'll be going in on Monday. I'm hoping for some more drastic measures to stop the bleeding. It's not often more than pantyliner stuff, but still - ! At least I got the biggest break during my time in Palm Springs and I was flow free for those 4 days. But pretty much as soon as I got home it kicked into high gear and I'm cramping again and flowing more heavily. Like a period. Maybe it IS my period - I can't tell the difference anymore.

At this point I'm sort of waiting for my uterus to fall out onto the floor.

And right on the heels of that is the thought that there is something more seriously wrong with me. So anyway, I'm going to go get it checked out. So in addition to caring for my ailing family, I'm finally going to pay some attention to my own health.

And oh yeah, Nicholas's school sent home a note saying he's behind in his immunizations and will be kept out of school if he's not brought current by some date next month. Which, I thought, had to be incorrect because we were told this at the beginning of the year from his preschool and took him in and they gave him a couple of shots and told me he was more than fine for kindergarten.

They lied. Or, more likely, the requirements are different for the two different cities/school districts.

So, I have to call the dr. AGAIN and find out when I can bring him in for a few more shots. I'm hoping the dr. can just look at his immunization record and we authorize the shots and we only need to pop in and see the nurse. I get to make that call today.

Oh yes, we're batting 1000 here.

I'm betting you have a uterine infection from your miscarriage. You have all the classic symptoms! Whatever it is, I hope they figure it out. I hear you on the bleeding thing-- it's been 5 months for me. Any day now...
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