Tuesday, October 10, 2006


So as most of my blog pals know, I crochet. I love to crochet. I know, very granny of me. Or trendy, depending on who you talk to. In fact, in the picture you can see me wearing the fun little black shrug I recently made for myself.

I know that there are far more knitters in the world than crocheters. Knitting has more vogue, or cache, than crochet. It's more versatile in many ways, too. But to me, crochet has always seemed more natural and logical than knitting: there is a hook at the end - hard to drop stitches with a hook to catch them. Also, you only have to worry about the dexterity of one hand, not two like with knitting. So for a long time I've felt rather intimidated by knitting.

"oh, knitting is so easy! I can't believe you don't know how to knit!"

Believe me, I've tried. I taught myself crochet so I figured I could teach myself knitting, too. Ha! I was all thumbs and got frustrated after 10 minutes. And I wonder where Nicholas gets it... I bought a knitting book and needles, and have gone back several times in a stubborn attempt to prevail, but alas - failure was mine. Finally, I admitted I couldn't teach myself the ancient art of knitting and needed a mentor. Usher in Great Aunt Hilda (pictured above). A spry 89-year-old German lady, Aunt Hilda is a Master Knitter. The stuff she makes is truly dazzling. I needed her expertise if I was ever going to learn how to do this, so I invited her over this past weekend for my first tutorial. My mom came, too. 4 generations* of women sitting at my kitchen table, laughing. It was pretty cool.

* Great Aunt Hilda is my mothers aunt. Hilda and my Great Uncle Joe met in the War and never had kids, instead sort of adopting my mother as the daughter they never had. So it was Hilda, my mother, me and Lauren.

And wouldn't you know it? A teacher is all I needed. I picked up knitting pretty quickly under the guidance of a master. She taught me the Continental Method, which I appreciate for it's efficiency and similarity to the movements of crochet. Maybe THAT'S what made the difference.

But now I'm hooked. I spent 4 hours yesterday afternoon practicing my knitting. I seem to do pretty well with the basic stockinette and garter stitches. I cast on decently. My tension seems to be fairly consistent. I'm off and running! Of course, I don't know how to do any increases or decreases for shaping, I want to learn how to do a cable stitch, and actually ending and binding off? A mystery. But I'll get there. I'm over the hump of fear, so to speak, and like any new hobby, it's addicting.

Like I needed another new craft/hobby in my life. Who has time? And I.Must.Stop.Soon. and return to finishing the crochet sweater I started for Lauren's birthday.

I truly am a geek and need to get a cooler hobby.

Why can't I learn to knit?? I have had people try and teach me. But I am all thumbs. Do you remember Uli from iParenting? She is a knitting addict as well, she keeps a blog at:

BTW I love the length of your hair. That's my goal length:)
You know, I think crochet has cachet!


Why is that phrase funny to me?
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