Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I'm Leaving On A Jetplane

Excitement is building - can you feel it?? Tomorrow is the day I get to jet off to beautiful Palm Springs, CA for a long weekend with my friend Caroline. Yay - I can't wait! We leave tomorrow and don't return until late on Sunday evening. 3 days and 3 nights (for all intents and purposes) of R&R and fun in the desert. Ahhh - just what I need. And how great is it that both my flight and accommodations are FREE?? I'm only on the hook for my half of the rental car and my entertainment. Sa-weet deal!

For those who didn't know, Palm Springs is where I met Mr. Chick back in 1992 during spring break from college. Neither of us has been back since, so I'll be interested to see just how much has changed. I'm sure I won't recognize much - my eyes back then were either blurry from all the partying we were doing or starry from just having met my future husband.

So I'll be MIA for a few days - bottom line. Think of me sitting poolside (desperately trying to stay in the shade), sipping icy cocktails, lazily strolling in and out of boutiques (kid free!), and dining in yummy restaurants. And sleeping in, and hanging out, and laughing, and simply getting a refreshing change of scenery. I think Caroline and I are even planning on hitting a spa at some point and getting massages and/or facials. Exactly what you'd plan to do on a girls weekend getaway.

How much do you hate me now?

HAVE A GREAT TIME. Oh, I am so jealous.

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