Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tastes Great, Less Filling

I must taste good, because Lauren keeps licking me. Yes, licking. She'll come up to me randomly and lick my arm, or my cheek, or some other bit of skin. She doesn't do this with anyone else - just me. Why me?? Do I have some peculiar taste that is unique and not shared by other members of the family? Is this her way of telling me she wants a popsicle (since she can't clearly say popsicle...) I can't figure it out. But I already have a dog to lick me, I don't need my kid doing it, too.


My younger one went through this as well. I just tried to keep a straight face when asking her why. And eventually she would sit in time out for doing it - that only happened twice, so maybe I should have tried that sooner. :)
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