Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Supernova In Review

Without question, my summer guilty pleasure has been watching Rockstar Supernova each week. For some reason, I'm loving this show. Didn't watch the INXS version last year, but this one? This one has me hooked. Mr. Chick knows that I'm not to be disturbed on Tuesday and Wednesday nights when it's on. It's what I look forward to, television wise, and I'm cranky if I miss a single second of it.

We're down to the Final 5. Things are heating up. This week each rocker had to perform 2 songs: a cover and an original. Oooh, an original! Time to see what kind of music each rocker is really about.

First up, Dilana. She's been taking heat for a few weeks now, following her disasterous turn on "media day" and talking smack about the other rockers. Since then, there hasn't been a lotta love for Dilana. On the show last night she yet again commented about "the situation" (let it DIE already!), and the webisode revealed some confusion coming from her during the song writing clinic. One the one hand she's quipping about how her lyrics are sort of a big "F*ck You" to the internet and people judging her/everyone, yet on the other hand she's saying how much she needs her fans. So which is it? The finger or a hug? Can't really have it both ways, Dilana. The cracks in her armour are showing. She's clearly not accustomed to not being in the top spot. And she's injured. Ok, I understand and it sucks. But the hopping around on stage with her gimpy foot dragging behind her? Made me cringe. You didn't need to do that, Dilana. In fact, you shouldn't have. Made things even MORE uncomfortable where you are concerned. And admitting (throwing a small fit?) about not knowing the cover song you're singing? COME ON! Then you should have fought harder to get a song you DO know. Again, the cracks in her armour are showing, and it's not a pretty sight. Dilana might very well be going home tonight. In the bottom 3 for sure.

Storm. I'm holding onto favor for Storm because she's from my hometown, Portland. Storm has seemed unusually weak in recent weeks, but she came alive last night. I'm still not sure what bothers me, exactly, about the way she moves on stage, but I liked her performances overall. I really liked her original song - cool stuff. Something along the lines of "what the what is ladylike if the lady likes to do what the what" Or something. Definitely original, and following right after Dilana just made Storm seem even stronger. I doubt she's going home tonight. Her cover was "City Suffragette", I think. I must confess to not recognizing the song. But Dave Navarro played guitar on this one and it was cool. He seemed to be flirting with her at one point, and kissed her (she towers over him), which sort of creeped me out, frankly. But she held her own with him on stage. Well done. The thing with Storm, however, is she seems to be trying almost too hard. She never sits down, seems to move her body in a way that screams for notice, and the cameramen keep glimpsing at her. She's a tad over-the-top and if she could just tone it down a smidge we'd be in a much better place.

Magni. I like Magni's look the best overall. He's got the best look to fit in with Supernova. But his performances last night seemed sort of dull. They didn't move me. His veins in his head/temple continue to pop out (cuz he's screaming? trying too hard to sing?), and that makes him look bad-ass in a way. But I'm not sure if he'll survive to be the top dog of the competition.

Lukas. Why are you still here? Lukas still seems to be too punk rock and not enough hard rock for Supernova. Freaky. He moves like he's drunk on stage, staggering around. And it was weird to listen to his original song after he announced that it was about or for his mother and the hard life she/they've had. Uncomfortable. The Supernova guys seem to like Lukas, for some reason, and dug seeing his "emotional" side. But his cover of Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer"? all stripped down? I was shaking my head. Bizarre and not good. Not fun. Not rockin'. Different, yes, but that's about all I can say about it. For me, Lukas and Dilana are the bottom 2.

Toby. You are the eye-candy of the men the way Storm is the eye-candy of the women. The guys like you, the women love you. I, too, think you're cute. But you sort of seem to be a one-trick pony. After the good reception you received for running all over the theater and touching everyone, that's what you do all the time now. Could you just stay on center stage for once? But your voice sounds good and I'm not bored during your performances. Your original was really catchy in a pop-perfect kind of way, so you have that going for you. You are not going home tonight and I think Supernova has a crush on you. Did Tommy pinch your ass? Because it looked like he pinched your ass to me. Eww! Clearly it surprised you as well. I thought you and Storm were the strongest tonight. Well done.

I'm looking forward to the elimination show tonight. Must get the kids in bed early so I can watch uninterrupted. Is anyone else watching this??

I do watch. It's funny to read someone else's take on the contestants - particularly since you and I don't agree. :) Different tastes in music? Possibly.

I think Lukas is definitely a front-runner and I totally dug his version of an old Bon Jovi favorite. But I am an old-time fan of grunge rock, which is exactly where Lukas is coming from - well, if you throw in some punk too.

I guess I agree on most everyone else - I think the top three are definitely Magni, Lukas and Toby. I like Storm better than Magni, but I don't know that she's right for the job, which is essentially what the show is about.

Dilana needs to go - whiny, bitchy and all that. It was okay to talk about it that one week, but let it go already. And she WANTED that cover song - she was a bitch to Lukas, who also wanted it. And then after he conceded and took the Bon Jovi song, it turned out she didn't even know the original version of the song - only a more recent version. Stupid. If she stays after last night, I will be sickened. Because nobody else deserves to go home after the rockin' performances last night.

I did think Magni was dull last night, which was weird since he was fantastic last week - makes me realize that he just might not be a good fit. And as for Storm's original song, I thought it was cool - I knew part of her lyrics were intended to be "What the F*ck" and I'm glad to see it still worked with the toned down lyrics. Her cover song is a David Bowie tune, I'm surprised you didn't know it.

Anyway, I do love me some Rock Star. One of my current favorite bands is fronted by the guy who was the runner up last season. Pretty cool to get new music out of these reality shows.
Waaaaaahhhh!!! I can't believe Dilana is still in!?!?!?!? What are they thinking? I guess they are thinking they already have it narrowed down to the three guys and they'd enjoy seeing D perform some more. Drama and all that.

Anyway.... Sorry for typing a whole blog entry in your comment section!
Yeah, Storm got jacked last night. Shouldn't have been her - should have been Dilana or Lukas. At least I had 2 of the 3 in the bottom 3 pegged. Oh well - she got some GREAT national exposure, has the guys professing their musical support backing HER and claiming to be clamoring for her music CD, and now she doesn't have to go on tour with these guys and can chart her own future. Not bad, considering.... But I'm STILL wondering what the HELL freaky Lukas is still doing there??!!

Dilana is next to go - Supernova don't want a chick to front their band. Too much male ego to succumb to a woman being in front of them, I think. It'll be a guy, and it'll either be Toby or Magni. Either would be fine.

We'll see next week!

PS - Glad I'm not the only one watching this!
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