Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stinky Chick

So I'll risk coming across as absolutely disgusting, but I have a question for every parent with a toddler/preschooler girl in their household: Do girls stink more than boys once they're potty trained? Specifically in the former diaper region? Because mine sure seems to and I'm not sure why.

It's gross! Lauren wants to change underwear several times a day - just for the fun of it - and whenever she drops trou she reeks. Not of poop necessarily (I keep checking thinking that might be the source) but of something more vague. Simple stank. Is it because she has more folds and such to trap odors? Urine? *I* don't reek like this, but I'm probably more into hygiene than she is. She's still learning how to wipe properly and all that, and since she'll use the bathroom all stealth-like, I'm not always aware of her visits to keep up on the hygiene thing. Is every girl this way, or just mine? My stinky, gross, stanky daughter. How lovely.

She already believes - fiercely - that she's a boy so maybe this is her way of proving it? By being stinky? Great - just my luck. Gotta love my tomboy. Even the day after a bath she's odiferous. Little girl underpants don't come with some pleasant, mild scent of mountain rain or spring meadow or something, but maybe they ought to.

My million dollar idea: pre-scented girl underpants guaranteed to keep the stink away. You heard it here first.

I remember my sisters reeking down there and my mom spending tons of time and money to find out why. I don't remember exactly why, it had to do with their urinary tract.
We found out from our pediatrician that it is pretty common for little girls not to dry themselves adequately. It was pretty embarrassing to find out Silly Sally had some irritation down there at her 4 year check-up. But, we've been addressing it and it is just so different than with her older sister (who seems to be perfectly capable of cleaning herself properly).

Best wishes.
I have a boy and girl too, but haven't noticed any smells from my daughter (she is 4 and potty trained for over a year). I'd maybe visit the dr, if it is that strong, maybe it isn't "normal" ???
Yeah, my 3 year old was having the stank issues as well. The solution for us was to buy the Kandoo flushable wipes that also happen to smell like berries (and some other scents that I can't remember). It definitely helped!
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